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japanese adult video = jav

Akimi Horiuchi

Akimi Horiuchi *new HD release*

Welcome to ActionJAV!

We offer the most detailed and exclusive online Japanese Adult Video (JAV) collection available anywhere in the world. Our feature rich website was designed by JAV fans for JAV fans and contains robust features like:


28985+ JAV Movies . New releases added daily! All HD movies are cover to cover full length unedited features. We provide comprehensive title information including personal reviews for the titles in our collection.


5951+ JAV Actresses. Detailed actress information including profile, preview images and personal reviews.


210093+ Images. Hardcore and softcore image collections of most major JAV actresses.


Fetish Film Finder 2.0. Exhaustive fetish classifications where you can find exactly what you want in seconds!


Watch On ANY Device Now! All of our new movies in a format that will provide you with the highest definition on ANY device or platform. This new format works for EVERYONE - the days of incompatibility are a thing of the past! Enjoy these movies on ANY device, ANY where.



recently added movies


Makoto Takeuchi in Aim for the Tanned Bathhouse Angels

Aim for the Tanned Bathhouse Angels

with Makoto Takeuchi [竹内真琴]

& Yuri Shinomiya [篠宮ゆり]

& Marie Konishi [小西まりえ]

& Iku Natsumi [夏海いく]

Added: 05/29/17



Nana Mizuno in Hyper Maniac 5

Hyper Maniac 5

with Nana Mizuno [水野奈菜]

Added: 05/29/17



Riko Haneda in Masochist Awakening

Masochist Awakening

with Riko Haneda [羽田璃子]

& Tsubasa Amami [天海つばさ]

Added: 05/29/17



Rui Hizuki in Nasty Cum FUCK

Nasty Cum FUCK

with Rui Hizuki [妃月るい]

Added: 05/29/17



Tsubasa Amami in 7th Anniversary

7th Anniversary

with Tsubasa Amami [天海つばさ]

Added: 05/29/17



Aimi Usui in Beach Nampa 03

Beach Nampa 03

with Aimi Usui [臼井あいみ]

& Kana Aono [蒼乃かな]

& Haruna Ikoma [生駒はるな]

& Mina Yoshii [吉井みな]

Added: 05/28/17



Ayane Shinoda in Hardcore Gangbang with Anal and Bukkake

Hardcore Gangbang with Anal and Bukkake

with Ayane Shinoda [篠田彩音]

Added: 05/28/17



Kokoro Amami in 18 Year Old AV Debut

18 Year Old AV Debut

with Kokoro Amami [天海こころ]

Added: 05/28/17




Yukari Maki in SEX With Handsome Director

SEX With Handsome Director

with Yukari Maki [真木ゆかり]

Added: 05/28/17



Yuko Kazuki in Lesbian Slave 6

Lesbian Slave 6

with Yuko Kazuki [和希優子]

& Arisa Koizumi [小泉ありさ]

& Maria Mizushima [水嶋マリア]

Added: 05/28/17



Anna Himeshima in Nampa Shemale Creampie

Nampa Shemale Creampie

with Anna Himeshima [姫嶋杏奈]

Added: 05/27/17



Minori Umeda in Mass Squirting Ecstasy

Mass Squirting Ecstasy

with Minori Umeda [梅田みのり]

Added: 05/27/17



Ren Hinami in Exclusive Rookie

Exclusive Rookie

with Ren Hinami [ひなみれん]

Added: 05/27/17




Roa Sumikawa in Hunt 03

Hunt 03

with Roa Sumikawa [澄川ロア]

Added: 05/27/17



Ryo Tsujimoto in Spy Passion Hut

Spy Passion Hut

with Ryo Tsujimoto [辻本りょう]

Added: 05/27/17



Akane Yoshinaga in Collapsed in Endless Pleasure

Collapsed in Endless Pleasure

with Akane Yoshinaga [吉永あかね]

Added: 05/26/17



Amateur in LEO 3rd Anniversary

LEO 3rd Anniversary

with Amateur [素人]

Added: 05/26/17



Kei Marimura in Immoral Subject

Immoral Subject

with Kei Marimura [真梨邑ケイ]

Added: 05/26/17



Maki Hojo in Beautiful Sister Masturbation Collection

Beautiful Sister Masturbation Collection

with Maki Hojo [北条麻妃]

& Misa Yuuki [結城みさ]

& Yuu Uehara [上原優]

& Riku Hinano [ひなのりく]

Added: 05/26/17



Suzu Mitake in Provocation Cowgirl

Provocation Cowgirl

with Suzu Mitake [美竹すず]

Added: 05/26/17



[more new movies...]



recently updated models



Number Of Films

Iku Natsumi

81(B)-58-82 156T



Makoto Takeuchi

82(C)-56-83 156T



Marie Konishi

85(D)-58-87 148T



Nana Mizuno



Riko Haneda

82(C)-63-86 155T



Rui Hizuki



Tsubasa Amami

85(E)-60-88 160T



Yuri Shinomiya

80(C)-58-80 149T



Aimi Usui

83(C)-57-85 149T



Arisa Koizumi

88(F)-58-87 151T



Ayane Shinoda



Haruna Ikoma

84(C)-59-84 159T



Kana Aono



Kokoro Amami



Maria Mizushima



Mina Yoshii



Yukari Maki



Yuko Kazuki

92(F)-63-88 172T



Anna Himeshima



Minori Umeda



[more new and updated models...]



weekly awards

Satomi Sugihara in Lesbian Schoolgirls 3

Cutie Munchers of the Week: Lesbian Schoolgirls 3 with Satomi Sugihara and Muto Tsumugi ... Japanese lesbians are especially hot, but when you add the schoolgirl thing into the equation it's a recipe for repeat watching!

Fantasy of the Week: Highly Educated Office Lady Teases with Saki Kanasaki and Amateur ... The office hookup is every white collar worker's fantasy, so for good reason they're popular in Japan!

Saki Kanasaki in Highly Educated Office Lady Teases

Sena Ayumu in Only Male Patient in Female Ward

Hospital of the Week: Only Male Patient in Female Ward with Sena Ayumu and Amateur ... Imagine waking up in a hospital in a room full of cute girls in pajamas. That's a recipe for a quick boner, and these cuties are happy to lend a helping hand!

Legend of the Week: Max Cafe with Sora Aoi ... Sora Aoi may not have been the greatest performer, or even average, but she was arguably the most gorgeous and adorable!

Sora Aoi in Max Cafe

Amateur in Taking Women Home 06

Wild Girl of the Week: Taking Women Home 06 with Amateur ... Gotta love it when you bring a bad girl home from a party and she lets you have your way!


featured movies

Rui Kosaka in Real Incest With My Grandmother

Coco Mamiya in Porn Home Delivery Service

Yui Misa in Vibrator Ecstasy

Real Incest With My Grandmother with Rui Kosaka


This is not for everyone, of course. If you've ever had a granny fetish, check this one out!


Porn Home Delivery Service with Coco Mamiya


Imagine the delivery of porn accompanied by someone to help you cum. Brilliant!


Vibrator Ecstasy with Yui Misa


Yui gets treated with Hitachi wands from start to finish, even while fucking. By the end, that must be one sensitive clit!




featured models

Imai Natsumi


Imai Natsumi

Imai's a true pro, working for many of the top companies doing everything under the sun!



Rei Aoki


Rei Aoki

Rei Aoki is one of the true wild women of JAV!



Tsubasa Amami


Tsubasa Amami

Tsubasa Amami's beauty rivals most of todays Japanese Top Idols.



Sena Ayumu


Sena Ayumu

In a recent survey of men ages 18-80, upon seeing Sena in action for the first time the typical response was to drool. Well, maybe I made that up, but I'd wager you'll at least say 'wow'!



Minami Aoyama


Minami Aoyama

School is always in session when the cute and youthful Minami Aoyama is in your class.






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 exhibitionism and voyeurism


 gangbang, reverse

 group sex



 masturbation, self(onanii)

 nature sex

 public sex

 threesome, mmf

 threesome, ffm



 anal play(anaru)

 ass licking

 blow job(fera)

 dancing and striptease

 double penetration(futa-ana)

 hand job

 finger fucking

 food play

 foot play(ashifechi)

 joint fucking(wakifechi)

 pussy eating

 soap play(soopufechi)

 titty fucking(paizuri)


hardcore activities:

 chair confinement


 rough sex

 rope play

 wax dripping


hardcore props:

 mouth gag


 slave cage


breast related:

 big breasts

 breast play(oppaifechi)

 breast squirting

 small breasts


pussy related:

 pussy cover

 pussy shaving(manko teimou)

 pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 shaved pussy(paipan)


orgasm related:

 ass cumshot

 belly cumshot

 breast cumshot

 cum swallowing(gokkun)

 cum swapping


 foot cumshot

 internal cumshot(nakadashi)

 leg cumshot

 sperm play

 sperm shower(bukkake)





 gynecology tool

 hidden vibe


 oil and jelly

 sex toys

 strap on



 hidden cam


 pick up(nanpa)


 story based



girl type:














 business woman

 cheer leader





 house wife






 office lady(oh-el)


 race queen(reesu kuiin)

 school girl(gakuseifuku)






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