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Site Updated: March 24, 2017

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Azuki 2

Azuki 2 *new HD release*

Welcome to ActionJAV!

We offer the most detailed and exclusive online Japanese Adult Video (JAV) collection available anywhere in the world. Our feature rich website was designed by JAV fans for JAV fans and contains robust features like:


28604+ JAV Movies . New releases added daily! All HD movies are cover to cover full length unedited features. We provide comprehensive title information including personal reviews for the titles in our collection.


5886+ JAV Actresses. Detailed actress information including profile, preview images and personal reviews.


210093+ Images. Hardcore and softcore image collections of most major JAV actresses.


Fetish Film Finder 2.0. Exhaustive fetish classifications where you can find exactly what you want in seconds!


Watch On ANY Device Now! All of our new movies in a format that will provide you with the highest definition on ANY device or platform. This new format works for EVERYONE - the days of incompatibility are a thing of the past! Enjoy these movies on ANY device, ANY where.



recently added movies


Ai Tsukimoto in Perfect Sex Slaves

Perfect Sex Slaves

with Ai Tsukimoto [月本愛]

& Azuki 2 [あず希]

Added: 03/24/17



Haruna Ikoma in Prisoner Escape

Prisoner Escape

with Haruna Ikoma [生駒はるな]

& Rino Kirishima [桐嶋りの]

Added: 03/24/17



Kaede Fuyutsuki in Deep Kiss and SEX

Deep Kiss and SEX

with Kaede Fuyutsuki [冬月かえで]

Added: 03/24/17



Kurea Hasumi in Amateurs Cum in Kurea

Amateurs Cum in Kurea

with Kurea Hasumi [蓮実クレア]

Added: 03/24/17



Misora Hayama in Compliant Kawaii Runaway Heaven

Compliant Kawaii Runaway Heaven

with Misora Hayama [葉山美空]

& Yui Saotome [早乙女ゆい]

Added: 03/24/17



Ringo Akai in Indecent Wife

Indecent Wife

with Ringo Akai [紅りんご]

Added: 03/24/17



Anri Suzuki in Sex Slave Female Teacher

Sex Slave Female Teacher

with Anri Suzuki [鈴木杏里]

Added: 03/23/17



Eri Hosaki in Lesbian Sex with Mother in Law 2

Lesbian Sex with Mother in Law 2

with Eri Hosaki [保坂えり]

& Mirei Kyouno [京野美麗]

Added: 03/23/17



Muto Tsumugi in SEX Slave Trade

SEX Slave Trade

with Muto Tsumugi [武藤つぐみ]

Added: 03/23/17



Risa Kasumi in Amateur Contribution

Amateur Contribution

with Risa Kasumi [かすみりさ]

Added: 03/23/17



Risa Kataoka 2 in Nothing But Sex

Nothing But Sex

with Risa Kataoka 2 [片岡りさ]

Added: 03/23/17



Yuna Hayashi in Secret Kiss with Father In Law

Secret Kiss with Father In Law

with Yuna Hayashi [林ゆな]

Added: 03/23/17



Airi Satou in Father Cums in JK Daughter

Father Cums in JK Daughter

with Airi Satou [さとう愛理]

Added: 03/22/17



Amateur in Naked Apron Photo Session

Naked Apron Photo Session

with Amateur [素人]

Added: 03/22/17



Amateur in Try The Pervert Experience 2

Try The Pervert Experience 2

with Amateur [素人]

Added: 03/22/17



Hibiki Otsuki in Lesbian Hidden Camera 3

Lesbian Hidden Camera 3

with Hibiki Otsuki [大槻ひびき]

& Iroha Suzumura [鈴村いろは]

& Amateur [素人]

Added: 03/22/17



Minami Kashii in AV Girls Fuck Their Childhood Friends

AV Girls Fuck Their Childhood Friends

with Minami Kashii [香椎みなみ]

& Airi Satou [さとう愛理]

& Emiri Suzuhara [鈴原エミリ]

Added: 03/22/17



Risa Kasumi in Cum in Bikini Restaurant

Cum in Bikini Restaurant

with Risa Kasumi [かすみりさ]

Added: 03/22/17



YOKO in GiriGiri Super Mosaic Digimo

GiriGiri Super Mosaic Digimo

with YOKO [YOKO]

Added: 03/22/17



Yuuri in Shemale One Month Cum Prevention

Shemale One Month Cum Prevention

with Yuuri [優里]

Added: 03/22/17



[more new movies...]



recently updated models



Number Of Films

Ai Tsukimoto



Azuki 2

87(E)-56-85 143T



Haruna Ikoma

84(C)-59-84 159T



Kaede Fuyutsuki

84(C)-58-84 163T



Kurea Hasumi

85(F)-57-87 158T



Misora Hayama

80(C)-56-84 164T



Ringo Akai

90(G)-60-86 163T



Rino Kirishima



Yui Saotome

85(C)-56-85 152T



Anri Suzuki

88(F)-59-87 167T



Eri Hosaki

91(F)-59-88 165T



Mirei Kyouno



Muto Tsumugi

87(A)-60-85 155T



Risa Kasumi

90(G)-58-85 170T



Risa Kataoka 2

86(C)-58-88 157T



Yuna Hayashi

90(F)-58-90 160T



Airi Satou

90(F)-59-86 149T






Emiri Suzuhara

85(C)-60-88 160T



Hibiki Otsuki

88(E)-57-85 162T



[more new and updated models...]



weekly awards

Amateur in Naked Apron Photo Session

Amateur Models of the Week: Naked Apron Photo Session with Amateur ... Apparently these women had no idea they'd signed up for anything beyond a simple apron modeling shoot, but I love how they'd do whatever asked just to make a buck!

Big Boob Play of the Week: Girls With Shirt Busting Breasts with Riko Honda and Yuka Tachibana and Yuna Shiina and Shiori Tsukada ... There's nothing like a well endowed woman in a tight shirt. These AV stars are known for busting out of their bras from time to time, and these are some of their best titty-oriented scenes!

Riko Honda in Girls With Shirt Busting Breasts

YOKO in GiriGiri Super Mosaic Digimo

Hip Control of the Week: GiriGiri Super Mosaic Digimo with YOKO ... YOKO is an amazing black gal. Not only does she have the moves, but she's an incredibly slutty and kinky hottie!

Open Minded Women of the Week: Shemale BIKINI JUNKY with Shion Fujimoto and Rin Yamamura and Love Amemiya ... I get that some guys don't like watching shemales fuck men, but watching them fuck women is a different story!

Shion Fujimoto in Shemale BIKINI JUNKY

Amateur in Try The Pervert Experience 2

Wild Girls of the Week: Try The Pervert Experience 2 with Amateur ... The idea here is they find cute girls on the street and convince them to do a wild porn scene. How they convinced one to fuck on a public bus is beyond me!


featured movies

Haruki Mizuki in Bukkake Girls 20 Shots

Ageha Aoi in Inmod Sacrifice

Nana Aoyama in Orgasm Hell

Bukkake Girls 20 Shots with Haruki Mizuki


Haruki and Chinami are totally into this fast and furious spermshower!


Inmod Sacrifice with Ageha Aoi


Anal, DP, deep throat, hair pulling, and a wild gangbang under the pretense it's part of a cult thing. Whatever the story, the sex is outstanding!


Orgasm Hell with Nana Aoyama


This may not be the expected forced-orgasm vid, but it wound up being something so much more. It's actually just really good porn, with both guys and gal getting their rocks off with equal attention paid to everyone. What stood out to me was the very good camera work, which had plenty of closeups at all the right times!




featured models

Kaede Fuyutsuki


Kaede Fuyutsuki

Her last name means



Hikari Hino


Hikari Hino

That face, that hair, those curves, those lips... who is that girl? That's what a lot of people have been asking lately.



Momoka Nishina


Momoka Nishina

Momoka has a charming smile, but your eyes will be drawn to those big titties - and stay there!



Minaki Saotome


Minaki Saotome

Minaki stars in almost exclusively lesbian and harem titles, meaning she is never the solo star of the show. That's why you may not recognize her name but you won't forget her face and killer body.



Risa Kasumi


Risa Kasumi

Risa Kasumi's popularity comes not only from her nearly perfect body, but her electricity on the screen. She doesn't just put on a costume, she becomes the character. With full pouty lips and a tiny but curvaceous body, Risa is nothing but hot.






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type of sex:

 exhibitionism and voyeurism


 gangbang, reverse

 group sex



 masturbation, self(onanii)

 nature sex

 public sex

 threesome, mmf

 threesome, ffm



 anal play(anaru)

 ass licking

 blow job(fera)

 dancing and striptease

 double penetration(futa-ana)

 hand job

 finger fucking

 food play

 foot play(ashifechi)

 joint fucking(wakifechi)

 pussy eating

 soap play(soopufechi)

 titty fucking(paizuri)


hardcore activities:

 chair confinement


 rough sex

 rope play

 wax dripping


hardcore props:

 mouth gag


 slave cage


breast related:

 big breasts

 breast play(oppaifechi)

 breast squirting

 small breasts


pussy related:

 pussy cover

 pussy shaving(manko teimou)

 pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 shaved pussy(paipan)


orgasm related:

 ass cumshot

 belly cumshot

 breast cumshot

 cum swallowing(gokkun)

 cum swapping


 foot cumshot

 internal cumshot(nakadashi)

 leg cumshot

 sperm play

 sperm shower(bukkake)





 gynecology tool

 hidden vibe


 oil and jelly

 sex toys

 strap on



 hidden cam


 pick up(nanpa)


 story based



girl type:














 business woman

 cheer leader





 house wife






 office lady(oh-el)


 race queen(reesu kuiin)

 school girl(gakuseifuku)






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