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 Syuri Himesaki [姫咲しゅり]

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Syuri Himesaki Syuri Himesaki
Syuri Himesaki


 Syuri Himesaki [姫咲しゅり]


 Shuri Himesaki






 88 cm (35 in)




 60 cm (24 in)


 89 cm (35 in)


 158 cm (5 ft 2 in)


 January 18, 2017






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Syuri Himesaki is a rare treat for lesbian lovers. It wasn't long after her debut that she did her prerequisite standard stuff before Syuri drifted more and more toward girl-on-girl films, a bit of a rarity in the Japanese scene. She also got into more hardcore stuff, and you will find that almost all of this true-blue beauties movies are lesbian or harder fare.

Syuri Himesaki is known not only for her slender build but also for her skills as an actress. She plays roles in most of her vids, and her natural talent shows. She got a tattoo on her left arm early on, but often hides it to protect her image as a "neesan"-type. Look close and you may be able to spot it.

Les-lovers are going to want to eat Syuri Himesaki's library up. "Lesbian 15" is a good start to seeing what Syuri is all about, and Ayana Kakimoto makes a very tender and passionate partner. "Super Pussy Principle" is a unique title focused on Syuri's snatch. If you are a muff-man, this is the title for you. Syuri gets her jizz on in the wild and sometimes weird "Violent Shoot 32". Do you remember seeing a girl shoot a guys waz on some fried chicken, then eat it before? That isn't even the strangest scene.




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Ruka Uehara in SHINOBI

Full AVI/Divx movie available for this title


with Ruka Uehara [上原留華]

& Syuri Himesaki [姫咲しゅり]

& Miyu Okano [岡野美憂]

& Hitomi Hasegawa [長谷川瞳]

Added: 01/18/17



Syuri Himesaki in Nefarious Semen Mania 1

Full AVI/Divx movie available for this title Full Windows Media Video movie available for this title

Nefarious Semen Mania 1

with Syuri Himesaki [姫咲しゅり]

& Yuria [ゆりあ]

Added: 05/06/15



Anna Oguri in Best Devil Tribute 2

Best Devil Tribute 2

with Anna Oguri [小栗杏菜]

& Aki Tomosaki [友崎亜希]

& Syuri Himesaki [姫咲しゅり]

& Mimi Yuuki [ゆうきりり]

Added: 10/08/13



Syuri Himesaki in Super Pussy Principle

Super Pussy Principle

with Syuri Himesaki [姫咲しゅり]

Added: 01/14/06





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