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Big Tits Beautiful Girl x Insult

Mei Matsumoto [松本メイ]



 2 votes/8 avg

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idea pocket

I Will Help You With Your Masturbation

Miyuki Yokoyama [横山美雪]



 2 votes/8 avg

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1 Day 10 Continuous Ejaculations

Hitomi Tanaka [田中瞳]



 4 votes/8.8 avg

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1 Day Fan Thansgiving Nakadashi Service

Hitomi Kitagawa [北川瞳]



 1 votes/6 avg

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1 Million Yen If You Dont Drop It

Reon Otowa [音羽レオン]



 1 votes/6 avg

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1 Million Yen If You Dont Drop It

Hinata Tachibana [橘ひなた]



 1 votes/6 avg

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1 Night 2 Days Hot Springs Affair

Sawa Nakazato [仲里紗羽]



 1 votes/6 avg

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1 Night and 2 Days Nakadashi Trip

Mai Miura [三浦まい]

Momoka Nishina [仁科百華]

Mai Miura [三浦まい]

Kurumi Kanno [菅野くるみ]



 2 votes/7.5 avg

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1 on 1 Healing Onanie Support

Karen Kisaragi [如月カレン]




 11 votes/9.2 avg

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1 On 1 Healing Onanie Support

Juri Kanou [叶樹梨]




 12 votes/6.3 avg

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 9393 votes/8.8 avg

@you [@you]

Yuu Ato

48 Movies

72 Images




Abe Masami

 11 votes/6.2 avg

Abe Masami [安部麻沙美]

Atsuko Yoshida

2 Movies



Abe Tsumugi

 1 votes/6 avg

Abe Tsumugi [阿部つむぎ]

1 Movie



Abigaile Johnson

 2 votes/8 avg

Abigaile Johnson [アリス・クリスティーン・岡村]

1 Movie



Agasa Ito

 2 votes/6 avg

Agasa Ito [伊東あがさ]

2 Movies




 2 votes/6 avg

Ageha [アゲハ]

1 Movie



Ageha 2

 1 votes/6 avg

Ageha 2 [亜華羽]


1 Movie



Ageha Aoi

 109 votes/8.3 avg

Ageha Aoi [葵あげは]

2 Movies

24 Images




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Get Wet [Moodyz-MDLD354] with Mai Kanzaki [神崎麻衣]


Summary:  This is a rather mixed bag of a video. Mai Kanzaki certainly looks very good in most scenes and there is plenty of variety in the scenario's to keep people interested. However, alot of the action is repetitive so if you like long finger sex scenes then this video is for you but if not you might find it a bit slow in places. The video rather loosely is organised around various 'Wet' themes including 'paint', 'mud'. 'lotion' and 'water' thus around half of the scenes are with Mai having sex (or more commonly receiving a finger) while the various substances are oozed and smeared around her. The massage scene is proabably the best and the weirdest by far is the painting scene. In short the title accurately describes this video so if you like things wet then this is exactly what your looking for.

Scene 1:  The first scene begins with Mai showering. After a short while of watching from behind the door a guy enters and proceeds to fondle her and then finger Mai's pussy several times while washing her with the shower.

Scene 2:  After a slow motion striptease/dance transition the second scene begins with Mai in a bath with the guy sitting behind her. There is more fondling and fingering (most of which is done underwater) then after receiving a short blowjob the guy fucks Mai in a few positions. The scene ends when the guy comes on Mai's mouth.

Scene 3:  Mai is now lying down dressed in a pair of sexy red underwear. Then lotion/goo is poured all over her and the rest of the scene is just her rubbing it into herself.

Scene 4:  In what could be considered a continuation of the previous scene Mai is now dressed in a blue nightdress and proceeds to cover various things in lotion and play with them. First its her hands, then a dildo and finally a guy enters and she gets her hands on the real thing.

Scene 5:  This is a rather long scene, now dressed in a pink silk uniform and using more of the 'lotion' from the last scenes she proceeds to massage a guy lying flat on the bed (the camera angle is done in such a way as to give 'the guys' view). Midway through the scene she removes her uniform and after rubbing her pussy against him for a while she removes her underwear and they have sex with her sitting on top. To finish the guy cums on her face.

Scene 6:  After a slow motion transition scene of Mai in a bath shot from various angles. The next scene ominously titled 'painting' is exactly that. A guy with various coloured paints draws a picture and colours in Mai's body... rather odd.

Scene 7:  The next scene entitled 'muddy' has Mai standing with her arms tied to the ceiling. She looks good in this scene as she is wearing a tight silver outfit. As the name suggests this scene begins with her being smeared in mud, then after being suitably covered her pussy is fingered from different positions. After being untied from the ceiling she gives the guy a blowjob and then they have sex in various positions (missionary, doggy, spooning). The scene ends when the guy cums on her chest and she goes to wash her self off in the bath.

Scene 8:  Another musicy/striptease transition with Mai looking very vute then a new scene with Mai sitting with a guy on a bed begins. After a brief conversation Mai is undressed and after some fondling the guy licks her pussy for a while before moving onto fingering. Lots of fingering follows with a rather small mosaic giving a good view of Mai's pussy. Afterwards Mai gives the guy a blowjob and they engage in sex in various positions ending with him cumming on her face.


Real Nakadashi of Hot Spring Tour 10 [Deeps-DVDPS500] with Ruka Uehara [上原留華]


Summary:  Ruka is a naturally attractive girl who ecstatically enjoys her sex, even playing it up to the camera at times. She wears different sets of uniforms throughout the scenes and showcases her talent in all aspects from giving great head jobs to some awesome fucking. Scenes are many and varied with the majority of them seeing her taking on one guy after another. It's a great exhibition of her talent, filmed at some nice locations. A great film for any to enjoy and a fantastic one for Ruka fans!

Scene 1:  We see Ruka introduce herself as a tour guide on a bus full of guys and interviewing all on the guys on it very briefly whilst it is being driven. The bus then stops and she lets a group of the guys start feeling her up and fingering her before the bus continues to move and they chat again.

Scene 2:  Continuing from the previous scene, the chat leads to her undressing where they then begin to finger and eat her out. She then gets to work on a guy, handing out a great blow job. This is a great group scene. She really enjoys the attention and dishes out some great head.

Scene 3:  Here we see Ruka in a school girls outfit, whilst still on the bus. She gets everyone full of energy whilst talking with great excitement. We then see her again getting felt up whilst giving some very energitic head. This time she goes down on multiple guys and gives handjobs as well. She looks great in all of this and gives a stunning performance where in this scene she gets fucked by multiple guys.

Scene 4:  They then arrive at an onsen where we see Ruka enter into the baths dressed in a kimono and proceed to clean the guys up with a towel and her tongue. She looks exceptionally cute in this scene where she licks some cracks and gives some great head to the guys from the bus earlier. In this scene, she also gets fucked whilst still wearing her kimono in the baths, a great looking scene.

Scene 5:  The tour group is gathered around a great japanese feast in a dining room with Ruka appearing once more in her cute looking tour guide outfit. Here she attends to a few of them, feeling them up or making out with them with some extravanagant french kissing scenes. She then moves on to have some extraodinary sex with a few of the men whilst wearing her uniform. Taking in various positions, enjoying every one of them. This is a great scene as we see Ruka take on one after another with them all finishing on or insider of her.

Scene 6:  Later in the evening with Ruka all cleaned up and dressed in robe, we see her visit a guy who gets straight to business with her. She looks absolutely great in this scene looking as attractive as ever and thoroughly enjoying htis one on one scene with one of the tour members on the futon. She gets eaten out and fingered by the guy before returning the fvaour, giving the guy head, before moving on to some enthusiastic sex. This is the only one on one scene in the movie and she really does give a great performance still.


Wild Thing X [Momotaro-WID55] with Rei Asakawa [麻川麗]


Summary:  For those of you unfamiliar with The Wild Thing X series, this is a good start. It features super hot Rei in various well produced scenes, where you get to see her suck and fuck to her best ability. She makes great eye contact and even better noises. AS a bonus very little mosaic.

Scene 1:  After a long intro, the first scene begins. She is tied up in a cell and her captor comes in with a knife and has his way with her. She looks so hot in her little gold dress. He frees her from her ropes and she gets right to work,getting him which leads to him sucking her nice tits and pussy until she cums. She returns the favor by sucking his cock. Then he fucks her in various positions and cums in her mouth. She eats every drop.

Scene 2:  She is in a bar with a sexy red dress on and gets right to work sucking a customers cock, then a 2nd man joins in and feels Rei up while she's sucking cock. Man she loves to suck cock, so she starts sucking them both off like a pro until they cum on her face.

Scene 3:  Scene takes place in a car, she is wearing one sexy little dress. She seduces the driver and he starts it off with some fingerplay until she cums, she returns the favor by sucking his cock. Then he fucks her good in various positions and gives her a nice facial.

Scene 4:  This is a masterbation scene. Rei gets herself off outside with a vibrator. She fucks herself and plays with her clit until she cums. HOT

Scene 5:  Final scene is another group scene 2 guys take Rei. They start by fingerbanging and sucking her tits her while she strokes their cocks. Then she gets to work sucking cock while one guy still fingers her until she cums cock in mouth. Then she goes to work on the other guy while she has her pussy eaten and fingering her until she cums again. This now leads into a hardcore standing suck and fuck. She keeps the other guys cock in her mouth like a pro while she is pounded. The scene end with both guys taking turns fucking her til they cum in her wanting mouth.


Climax [Calen-XC1277] with Maria Takagi [高樹マリア]



Summary:  This is popular Maria's third video. Includes her first time vibrator-play and blindfolded fuck. A must not miss movie performed by the ever lovely and busty Maria Takagi. Her dedicated body need not be mentioned much as veteran JAV fans should know clearly. Seeing her enjoying herself in the various action scenes featured in this movie is another reason why one should add this title to their collection. Genuine sex!

Scene 1:  Movie starts with Maria posing erotically for shots on a sofa in a set of sexy white bra and panty. Scene then switches to Maria sitting on a bed in a piece of seducing white lingerie while being talked by the man behind the camera. She soon removes all her clothes as the man begins to caress her body, before concentrating on fingering her pussy. Maria on the other hand blows his cock hard as they prepare for the real actions. He'll screw her in a few conventional positions before cumming all over her ample breasts.

Scene 2:  Maria was sitting on a bed in school uniform while blind folded in the following scene. A man approaches her from behind and begins to unbutton her clothes while fondling her breasts and tits. He'll then licks and fingers her pussy in various positions, before leading the still blind folded Maria to shake and blow his manhood. Maria was then unfolded before he inserts his manhood into her pussy and starts to pump vigorously in a few positions. All his cums landed on Maria's chin at the end of the scene.

Scene 3:  Maria enters the next action scene in a nice set of blue bra and panty. She'll kiss passionately with the guy waiting on the bed for a while, before feeding her wet pussy to the guy's mouth for some lubricating work. She then polishes the guy's manhood for a while before directing it into her pussy. She'll ride on it for a while before withdrawing herself near the end of the action as to suck every bit of the guy's semen into her mouth.

Scene 4:  Maria certainly looks great in this scene with her white undies. A guy will stimulate every part of her body at the beginning, before she helps him to erect his manhood. Great sex to follow, in which Maria can be seen truly enjoying herself throughout the entire love making session.


Super Star [Calen-XC1270] with Maria Takagi [高樹マリア]




Summary:  Here comes Maria Takagi's debut video! She is a real pop singer! She has a beautiful face. A great body, and a tender heart. Check her out! Overall, this was a great film. It has a diverse number of scenes and positions that it keeps you wanting more. Each scene emphasises Maria's wonderful body which is a great bonus.

Scene 1:  In this first scene, Maria Takagi is standing outside a japanese home in a white dress, she is giving a basic introduction whilst the set switches to within a home, then a spring.

Scene 2:  This scene begins on a bed, where now she is wearing a pink dress, and a man beside her begins to kiss her deeply. This follows onto the man removing her top and then feeling and rubbing her breasts together. After he has finished sucking her breasts, he begins to feel and brush against her vagina. Slowly and gradually he begins to finger her, then suck her out. They switch to the 69 position, and she begins to give the guy a blow job, whilst he continues eating her out. After this collection of events, the man begins to penetrate her, which is shown by movement of Maria's breasts jumping around. This finishes with quick action, and so they change to doggy style. This does not last for very long, as they revert back to the normal position and go at it again untill the guy finally cums onto her face.

Scene 3:  This scene is short but utterly dedicated to her giving a blow job to some guy whilst in a red bikini in a pool. In this scene you can see alot of action, and see the varied expression on her face whilst she provides utter pleasure to the guy.

Scene 4:  This scene begins with her looking around a hotel for a room, and when she does find it she is again on a bed being groped by another guy. She seems happy in this scene, whilst the guy removes her dress and also begins to play with her breasts. However he doesn't wait so long, as he then begins to finger her pussy really hard. She changes position, and he begisn to finger her again. This then follows onto her licking the guys chest, then sucking his cock. This leads to a delicate blow job, which ends up with the guy finally going doggy style on her. They go at it really hard, and after a while leads to Maria getting on top. As she is near falling off him, they switch to the normal position. Finally the guy gets really happy and cums on her face.

Scene 5:  In the final scene, she is in a robe and gives an account of the film, and it's interesting to see all the expressions she comes up with.


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