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 Sex in School

 with China Miyu




Excellent uniforms and a striking beauty contributes to such a nice film. Also, all this combined with awesome sex will be too good to be true. This mischievous girl has much fun through her brief school days, and, I'll bet, so will you while watching her. [more..]


 Video Title

 Sex in School


 China Miyu



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 Date Added

 December 25, 2016

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 March 3, 2011








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China Miyu in Sex in School China Miyu in Sex in School China Miyu in Sex in School China Miyu in Sex in School China Miyu in Sex in School China Miyu in Sex in School China Miyu in Sex in School


China Miyu

Scene 1:  The film begins with China entering a classroom as a transfer student and thus embarks on her sexual career there. The first thing she shoul do is persuade her teacher to become her sex slave -- what a smart girl! This generous lass tears open her blouse and invites her teacher to caress and savor. The thoughtful girl then gives him a terrific boobs-fuck before making the dick gush all over her tits at length.


Scene 2:  Clothed in cheerleader costume, China looks just cute and perfect for a fuck. The brave girl massages her classmate with her flexible body right in the locker room, and the boy scaats no time harassing her faultless body with his fingers and tongue. There are good close-up shots of her secret parts and the foreplay is both lengthy and great, which leads up to her shiofuki. Of course, China knows how to give good head as well. Before long, she is seen to lie on her back to get seriously thrusted in the pussy. As she gyrates on the dick, her mouth-watering body is in full view. Watching this flirtatious girl rammed from the behind while standing, I cannot but masturbate dazed. Setting the girl on her back, then the boy flings himself into his graceful penetration until he dumps his fresh load of sperm all over her lovely face.


Scene 3:  As a boy is passing urine in the Gents', he suddenly finds China appearing right beside her. This sweetly smiling girl wants nothing more than a tumescent cock to play with, and if possible, feed on. This naughty girl gets what she desires and her cheeks bulge happily with meat inside. So tender is her oral suction that you may feel that she is savoring a chocolate bar, but it's equally graceful -- the boy shoots a load of semen into her mouth at last and quenches her thirst.


Scene 4:  In another suit of uniform, China walks into a teacher's office to seek what she desires. The male educator is patient enough to instruct this young girl in whatever he has learned. His hands groping about all over her creamy body prove that this specialist is well-trained in pleasing women. This teacher also displays thorough learning in finger-fucking her pussy and makes it drenched. As this girl gives head to repay her teacher, her expression is brimming over with excitement -- she does enjoy each inch of the shaft. When she gets screwed, I highly recommend seeing China banged from the behind and sideways -- which presents her curvaceous young body to the full. Eventually, a hot jet of jizz lands on her chin as the diligent student's reward.


Scene 5:  In dark blue swimming suit, China is bubbling with passion as indicated by her shy but seductive expression. She kindly leads a boy to fondle her perfect body right in an infirmary. Again, this gifted girl offers a powerful tits-fuck to the lucky boy in a gracious and passionate manner. The boy surely ends up dousing her chest with fresh semen.


Scene 6:  China is so understanding that her service goes beyong her classmates and teachers -- she even takes time to take care of a humble-looking cleaning crewmember. The lecherous guy applies girant hand vibrators to moisten her young cunt. We can tell that this tool has brought China immense pleasure shown on her adorable face. The little-mouthed girl licks the whole of the guy's body and relishes his hardening prick for some time; she even licks his ass for sport. Following a 69 comes a cowgirl fuck, and then in the missionary style. What a slut like China should gain is a hard-earned column of sticky jizz on her inviting lips. This cute girl looks entranced.


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