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 Charisma Icup

 with Yuka Haneda




Yuka Haneda is gorgeous as I'm sure you can tell from the box cover. But she looks even better when you get to see her entire body, and especially while she's performing. This film has no ongoing plot, but is a series of scenes with Yuka dressed very sexy and sucking and getting fucked by 1 and even 2 guys. Great scenes as they are all packed with action. Definately check this one out along with every thing else Yuka has done! [more..]


 Video Title

 Charisma Icup


 Yuka Haneda


 kira kira

 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 July 29, 2016

 Date Updated

 July 16, 2011








 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 hardcore activities: rough sex

 hardcore props: restraints

 breast related: big breasts

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys



Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup
Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup Yuka Haneda in Charisma Icup


Yuka Haneda

Scene 1:  Yuka is posing in sexy black bra and panties along with a white fur hat and vest. She looks beautiful as always.


Scene 2:  Yuka is standing in front of a chain link fence wearing a blue tank top and shorts. Two guys come over to her and start playing with her chest and massaging her tits. By doing so they end up pulling up her top and exposing her perfect I cup breasts as they continue to squeeze and massage her tits. They then get her to sit on this big vibrating machine which really turns her on and eventually makes her cum.


Scene 3:  Yuka is handcuffed with her arms over her head in a prioffspring cell. She is in there with a guy who starts playing with her tits (of course!). He then undoes her hand cuffs and begins finger fucking her which drives her wild. He then gets her on her knees and she starts kissing his cock as she proceeds to take his cock in her lovely mouth and gives him a great blowjob. He gets her to deep throat his cock which causes her to gag and then he lays her down and fucks her face as he slides his dick in and out of her mouth. He then slides his cock into her pussy and begins to fuck her in several positions on the bed. He gets her really wet as she is laying in a pool of her own pussy juices. He finishes off by pulling out and cumming all over her beautiful mouth and chin.


Scene 4:  Yuka is in a room with a guy and starts off with a big smile on her face and a cock in her mouth. While she sucks on his cock she takes little sexy glimpses towards the camera. She then pours some lube on his cock while she's sucking him off...very sexy as she gets it all over her face and it looks like cum. As she keeps sucking him off, he ends up cumming on her nose. His thick semen hangs off of her nose and down to her mouth.


Scene 5:  Yuka is in her bedroom with this guy who is massaging her tits with this big vibrator. He also takes this vibrator to her pussy which starts to get her wet. He then pulls out this vibrating dildo which he slides into her warm pussy and gets her really wet and drives her wild as she moans. He fucks her over and over again with the dildo and she is screaming in pleasure just as she cums by squirting all over. He then takes his cock and puts it between her tits as he titty fucks her. He then fucks her in several positions and finishes off by blasting his huge load of warm semen all over her lovely face.


Scene 6:  Yuka is sitting over a guy as she plays with her own big tits. She then rubs her titties all over his body, and even covering his face with them! She then takes off his underwear to reveal his dick. She then immediately starts licking and sucking him off. She then takes his cock and wraps her big tits around it and titty fucks him until he cums.


Scene 7:  Yuka is with two guys who go to work on her body as they massage her and even take small vibrators to her pussy. She returns the favor by first stroking and then sucking their cocks. She drops to her knees and takes turns sucking and jerking them off one at a time and even lining them up and sucking them both off at once! They then both get their shots at pounding her pussy as well, with both of them finishing by cumming all over her mouth. She then lays there with her face covered in cum while she rubs her tits. Great scene.


Reviewed by  javlover



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