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 20 Costume PakoPako

 with Mihiro




Mihiro lives up to her absolute cuteness via the 20 costume plays you'll get to see in this video. She looks fabulous as always, and the costumes just bring out her cuteness and peroffspringality. As might be expected, some costumes are somewhat shortened due to time constraints but this 2-parter is nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable romp. [more..]


 Video Title

 20 Costume PakoPako





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 Date Added

 December 19, 2016

 Date Updated

 June 11, 2009








 activities: ass licking

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: food play

 activities: pussy eating

 hardcore props: restraints

 orgasm related: facial

 props: glasses(gankyou)

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: anime

 costumes/apparel: doctor

 costumes/apparel: exercise

 costumes/apparel: furry

 costumes/apparel: maid(meido)

 costumes/apparel: nurse(naasu)

 costumes/apparel: other

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)

 costumes/apparel: stewardess

 costumes/apparel: teacher(sensei)



Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako
Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako Mihiro in 20 Costume PakoPako


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Scene 1:  Costume 1: Bunny Girl - Mihiro makes out with a dude while in a sexy black bunny costume. Costume 2: Nurse - Mihiro is in a pink nurse outfit and she gives 'you', the patient, her special hand- and blowjob treatment till 'you' explode into her hand.


Scene 2:  Costume 3: Cat - Mihiro is the sexiest cat ever, as she bats about playfully with a dildo in the middle of a room (pic1). She then sucks it hard till she's a happy pussy. Costume 4: Track Athlete - Mihiro is by herself in the equipment room, when she begins to get frisky. She rubs herself up on a hurdle, before playing with herself using her fingers and a vibrator.


Scene 3:  Costume 5: Pirate - Sexiest pirate EVER. Mihiro is in a room with a briefs-only guy, and after some talk he begins to feel her up, before going to work on her body and pussy. She then blows him for a bit before he begins to raid her booty till he comes all over her face. Costume 6: Teacher - Mihiro's in a classroom, dressed in a teacher outfit with the sexiest black glasses. She's giving 'you', her student, a private lesoffspring - and looks to inspire 'you' by working 'your' dick with her mouth till 'you' explode all over her cute face.


Scene 4:  Costume 7: Persian - Mihiro is a Middle Eastern outfit (veil, two piece with tassels) with her hands tied. A guy off-screen talks to her, and brings in a vibrator which Mihiro looks scared of - and she should be, as they go right for her pussy and work it till she's squealing hard. Costume 8: 'Plasterer' - Mihiro is an odd job laborer who's come to apply plaster to 'your' bathroom. Midway through her job, 'you' need some help with your dick, which she happily gives, rubbing it till 'you' explode all over her face.


Scene 5:  Costume 9: Ballerina - Mihiro's practising ballet in a studio when some dude enters, encourages her to her knees and demands a blowjob pretty fiercely. Mihiro has to blow him with perfect timing, which she does till he comes into her mouth. Costume 10: Doctor - 'You' are a patient in a hospital under Dr. Mihiro's care, and she shows 'you' just how much she cares by making out with 'you'. 'You' then get to enjoy her body and some sweet 69, after which 'you' hammer her till 'you' come into her mouth. Nice ending to Disc 1.


Scene 6:  Costume 11: Waitress - Mihiro's a clumsy waitress, spilling spirits onto her customer's lap, which makes her very very frantic as she tries to make amends. She quickly strips the guy down and begins kissing the burn spots, all the way down to his groin where she works him till he comes. Costume 12: China Dress / Cheongsam - Mihiro's in a jail cell in a China dress and her own videocam, and after setting up the cam, she goes right to work on her own pussy with the provided toys till she's screaming with ecstacy.


Scene 7:  Costume 13: Karate - Mihiro's with her training partner, and the couple make out. A bit disappointing since so much can be done with a gi. Costume 14: Mihiro's in a very 'domestic' dress talking to her baby boy. He's a bit grumpy, so Mihiro takes off his diapers and works his dick to make him feel better. She plays and sucks the 'baby' till he comes into her mouth.


Scene 8:  Costume 15: Flight Attendant - Mihiro's in the office when a horny pilot walks in and gets his hands all over Mihiro's fine body. The guy strips her down, enjoying her fine body as she does so. Mihiro then blows the pilot a bit before they proceed to fuck all over the office (and Mihiro looks good) till he comes onto her face. Costume 16: Kindergarten - Mihiro's the cutest kindergarten kid ever, looking confused as the guy off-camera shows her a vibrator. She bounces about a bit, before the guy works her cute panties, then her pussy with the vibrator till she's squealing with pleasure.


Scene 9:  Costume 17: Patissier - Mihiro's mixing pastry in a bowl, as a vibrator is passed to her. She puts her mouth to it and works it expertly, after which she spreads some batter and sucks her fake penis dry. Costume 18: Tsuboturi-shi (?) - I'm not sure what this costume is intended to be. Nonetheless, Mihiro seems to be running a gambling den - and she confronts a guy who's hiding a die in his pants. As punishment, Mihiro works the guy's dick till the lucky dude comes all over her hand.


Scene 10:  Costume 19: Magician - After some magic tricks, Mihiro pulls off the best trick of all, sucking and toying with a dude's dick till white stuff comes out from nowhere. Costume 20: Student - AHHHHH I might just die of an orgasm, Mihiro looks unbelievably cute as she sits in a classroom. She's talking with a classmate, and before long they're kissing passionately, and stripping slowly as the two explore each others' bodies. Mihiro's pussy then gets worked to dripping goodness, after which she blows her man to erect happiness, and then the couple fuck hard all over the classroom. This scene alone deserves repeat viewings, and is a perfect end to 4 hours of pleasure.


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