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 Dream Idol 16

 with Rio Kitajima




I love Rio. She's always energetic and seems to enjoy the action. This film keeps with that peroffspringality although I think they scaat her natural soff somewhat by overdoing the bukakke. If you love to watch that happening to a gorgeous babe then this is the film for you. [more..]


 Video Title

 Dream Idol 16


 Rio Kitajima



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 March 18, 2009

 Date Updated

 June 11, 2009








 type of sex: gangbang

 activities: ass licking

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 orgasm related: cum swallowing(gokkun)

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm play

 orgasm related: sperm shower(bukkake)

 props: oil and jelly

 props: sex toys


 Highly Recommended



Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16
Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16 Rio Kitajima in Dream Idol 16


Rio Kitajima

Scene 1:  The video starts out with Rio sitting on a mattress speaking to the camera. A balding dude enters and pounces on Rio. In a quick minute he has her panties off and is fingering her pussy. Shortly after that, a group of men enter and surround the two. One lucky dude gets to lick and finger her pussy before the first guy takes over. He sucks on her nipples briefly before going back to fingering her pussy. The guys help him out performing foreplay. Finally he pulls out his cock and fucks her in a couple of positions while some of the guys wack off onto her face.


Scene 2:  In this scene Rio is dressed in a cute bikini. She's given a couple of mini vibrators and she begins using them on her nipples before moving down to her twat. She gets herself into a good lather before a dick enters the screen shot. She immediately grabs it up and starts sucking on it. She works it till he cums. This is followed by a series of other dudes coming up and squirting into her mouth (one shot causes her to gag).


Scene 3:  Rio changes into a race queen outfit before being introduced to a geeky naked dude. She plays the dominatrix and orders the dude around in various sex play actions. Eventually, she gets his cock out and works on it with her mouth and hands till he cums.


Scene 4:  Rip is dressed in some tight fitting jeans (man she looks good in them). We learn that she's wearing a wireless vibrator too and some dude keeps turing the intensity up and down at will causing Rio to squeal in joy. He later cuts a hole in her jeans to let the vibrator out. He follows up with a dildo. As he's busy with her pussy other guys enter and shoot cum onto Rio's face. At one point, she gags as she swallows.


Scene 5:  It's raining outside and we find Rio on the rooftop. She takes the cameraman's hand and leads him inside. Once inside she pounces on him. She kisses him all over and rubs on his cock. She takes off her panties and lets him eat her out. Finally she unleashes his cock and straddles it. She starts riding it like there is no tomorrow. Soon he takes over and fucks her silly.


Scene 6:  Like in Scene 1, Rio is surrounded by a bunch of dudes that start feeling her up. They get her out of her clothes and hit her up with mini vibrators. Eventually, the begin to wack off and shoot off onto her face.


Scene 7:  Rio is dressed in another cute blue outfit. Two guys surround her and begin making out with her. They get her panties off and finger her twat till she squirts. One dude then pulls out his hard cock and proceeds to fuck her wildly. As this is occurring, the others come forward and shoot their wads on her face.


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