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 Semen Special

 with Minaki Saotome




A somewhat misleading title and cover doesn't detract from a engaging film with some intense action. Minako is run through the ringer, first getting her face splattered by multiple DNA donors, then has her anus stretched out by more horny scoundrels. Throw in some picture-in-picture shots and a leading lady who has to call a time-out to unnecessary roughness to her rectum and we have a winner. [more..]


 Video Title

 Semen Special


 Minaki Saotome



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 March 19, 2009

 Date Updated

 June 11, 2009








 activities: anal play(anaru)

 activities: ass licking

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: pussy eating

 breast related: big breasts

 orgasm related: ass cumshot

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm play

 orgasm related: sperm shower(bukkake)

 props: sex toys


 Highly Recommended



Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special
Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special Minaki Saotome in Semen Special


Minaki Saotome

Scene 1:  Scene 1 begins with a brief interview. Next, we see a squatting Minako alone in a large room. A man dressed in just briefs enters. Minako immediately begins fondling his cock. She fellates him for several minutes until he shoots his load on her face. Minako moves on to another man seated in a different part of the room. We get some good POV footage of her blowing him. He manages to squeeze a weak load on her cheek. Minako services her next partner on some metal stairs. Again, she fellates him and he cums on her face. Minako services 5 more guys, her face getting progressively gooier with each load deposited on her face.


Scene 2:  What starts off as an interview turns into a exploration of Minako's anus. First, we get a close-up of her stinkhole with a magnifying glass. Then a man fingers her asshole before inserting a skinny dildo in her butt. Minako teases her clit with a mini-vibrator as her fingers her scaatter. The assplay continues for several minutes and some other toys find their way into Minako's butt before we fade out.


Scene 3:  Minako and another man sit on a bed. He helps her get undressed, then kisses and fondles her. He gropes her tits and fingers her clit. She gives him a blowjob in her return. They fuck in missionary position, then switch to doggy. We see the first picture-in-picture shots in this scene: the large picture focuses on Minako's ass, POV style; the smaller window shows her face as she is plowed from behind. The man fingers her asshole as he fucks her. Minako gets on her side and he inserts his cock in her butt. She squirms but he continues fucking her ass. More p-in-p gives us twin views of her ass and her expression. Minako pulls away several times as the discomfort of the rectal reaming overwhelms her. Indeed, the filming halts and the director tries to cajole her into continuing but Minako calls it quits on the assfucking.


Scene 4:  Minako and her partner from the previous scene reboot. He fingerbangs her then they 69. She rides him, then they fuck doggystyle. After some pounding from behind they switch to missionary. He shoots his load in her pussy and uses his finger to scoop his spooge from her twat.


Scene 5:  Minako sits topless on a mat where she is joined by another man. He fingers her asshole then penetrates her rectum with a couple of dildos. After her anus is warmed up, he sticks his cock in, as Minako lays on her back and winces in pain. He slowly penetrates her so as not to cause Minako any additional discomfort, They switch to doggystyle, then go back to missionary position. Minako takes a breather then continues. Another man enters and she fellates him while she is fucked. She gets on top and they continue as she rides her partner in reverse cowgirl position. She turns around and the second man leaves as she straddles the first man. They fuck for a few minutes then the second man returns. He fucks her from behind and we go back to picture-in-picture to see her get dp'd. The double penetration doesnt last long, however, as Minako once again is unable to continue. After a short break, she and the first man resume. He fucks her anally in missionary position as she moans in pain. He cums quickly, filling her asshole with his baby batter. She pushes his load out of her ass. The second man returns and he has Minako get on her knees so he can fuck her from behind. He spares her battered butthole and penetrates her pussy instead. He fucks her furiously before switching to missionary position. He continues his onslaught, culminating in an internal cumshot that oozes out of Minako's box.


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and Minami Ebihara [蛯原みなみ]

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