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 Fascinate Teacher

 with Mika Mizuno




Teacher Mika, beautiful and with a flwless body, encounters quite a few bad students. However, at the end of this film, each of them shows genuine gratitude to this pretty teacher for having changed them. Mika civilizes her students orally and physically to let them experience the rosiest school life on earth - this is what touches me most! [more..]


 Video Title

 Fascinate Teacher


 Mika Mizuno



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 Date Added

 March 26, 2009

 Date Updated

 June 11, 2009








 type of sex: gangbang

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: teacher(sensei)



Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher
Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher Mika Mizuno in Fascinate Teacher


Mika Mizuno

Scene 1:  Mika is an industrious and dutiful teacher, who devotes herself to civilizing her students. One day, as she is changing clothes in a locker room, she catches a student photographing her. Well aware that scolding cannot solve the problem, this wise educator falls on her knees to give him a good handjob. To civilize this rude guy, the teacher bends down to lick his body and gives him a memorable blowjob. The boy is lucky enough to gain a chance to relish his teacher's juicy pussy for fun before having her ride his fat cock vigorously. This lady appears inviting as well when screwed from the rear, and she moans quite melodiously. Even in the missionary style, the girl takes the initiative, moving her loins like crazy - after all, she is an instructor,so she does instruct. The teacher's soffed hands induce the boy to explode all over her chest. It is proved that only through love can an educator teach her students.


Scene 2:  Seven of Mika's students flood inside her office, which makes this lady nervous. However, once she finds one of them carrying a dildo, she seems composed - after all, using a dildo sofffully has been her forte. The teacher, sitting right on her desk, performs a magnificent masturbation with the tools they bring right before these guys' eyes. Not only does she use the tools professionally, but she actually fucks the tools delightfully. To please these faithful viewers, this charming teacher is determined to teach them a precious lesoffspring with her steamy mouth. This slender girl orally dries up each student she sees within ten minutes. Such are her amazing oral soffs that no man survive her potent mouth more than three minutes. After this blowjob seminar, I guess all her students have learned how to behave.


Scene 3:  Mika also knows the importance of building up an intimate relationship with her colleagues. Here is an example. She seduces one of her male colleagues into caressing her curvy body. The guy's great fingers win him an impressive blowjob. And after the guy fingers her pussy into a shiofuki, the kind-hearted lady offers him another great blowjob. Such reciprocity is the essence of relationship, so now our fighter rams this lady lying on her back so violently that she cries tragically. You mustn't miss watching this appealing cutie entered from the rear and sideways. She does look gorgeous when penetrated. The guy ends up exploding right inside her warm mouth - that's the best place to cum, indeed.


Scene 4:  In her class, Mika is confronted by several rebellious students who try to fondle her. You know, Mika's principle of education is to satisfy all her students' curiosity so that they can absorb the most accurate knowledge. She kindly allows each of her students to closely observe how her pussy functions when she masturbates. This learned lady also enlightens the boys how to treat a girl's cute mouth, which is to cram it with swollen dicks. Now, she can fellate two boys while being eaten by her beloved student at the same time - how fortunate she is today! No matter how many cocks she has to tackle, she shows no sign of fatigue or impatience - what a great educator. Each boy surrenders a shot of semen inside her little mouth. These sticky nutrients serve as the precious reward to supplement her diet.


Scene 5:  However, there is still a recalcitrant student failing to understand teacher Mika's enthusiasm for her holy profession, but this resolute girl never gives up on any of her boys. She spots this guy lying in the infirmary and seizes on the chance to feed him with her tits to make him feel warm. The endearing lass also displays her passion for teaching by demonstrating what a perfect blowjob can be. She even runs the risk of gagging on the immense manhood by deep-throating the rough guy. The boy is allowed then to savor his teacher's pussy so as to realize her eagerness to make him to learn in school. The attractive damsel now gyrates on the dick to prove how many benefits a teacher can bring to a student. The young boy is not only taught how to bang his teacher wildly from the behind, but also asked to learn quickly how to make his teacher scream hoarsely by fucking the demure lady lying on her back. She almost falls speechless from his pounding when the boy dumps a load of jizz on her creamy belly. This student's turning over a new leaf symbolizes the success of teacher Mika's inspiring educational methods.


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