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 Temptation Nurse

 with Asami Ogawa




Asami Ogawa stars in this feature film as the delicious, seductive, hot sexy nurse all guys wish they get when they are in a clinic or hospital. With big almost anime like eyes that exude cuteness, and sexy lingerie underneath, she rocks her low cut nurse outfits. Viewers will be floored by how well Asami plays the role of the seductress nurse.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Temptation Nurse


 Asami Ogawa



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 Date Added

 December 26, 2016








 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: ass licking

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm play

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: nurse(naasu)



Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse
Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse Asami Ogawa in Temptation Nurse


Asami Ogawa

Scene 1:  The movie starts off in a hospital ward. Patients are separated by white curtains. Nurse Asami Ogawa pulls aside the white curtains and enters the patient area. She has on a pink nurse hat, a pink nurse gown that is unzipped at the front to the extent that the patient is clearly able to see that she has on a dark green bra on underneath. The pink nurse dress ends with a skirt that is well above her knees. She has on tan thigh high stockings and pink high heeled sandals. Her skin is milky smooth and she has a confident seductive look on her face. She closes the patient area curtain after entering and climbs onto the bed. A close up of her upper body ensues. Her long brown hair djumps seductively down her face. She is now on top of her patient. She instructs him to open his mouth as she starts to kiss him. The kissing turns into French kissing. She unbuttons and removes the patient's shirt and kisses his torso. The patient does not appear to be responding to treatment. Asami gives the camera a seductive look and proceeds to take off the patient's pants. Let's see if he responds to treatment now. If there is a pulse in him, Asami will make him respond. Asami, still fully clothed, takes his rod in her mouth and works furiously on him. The patient surrenders his load and Asami has confirmed, he is alive and biologically functional.


Scene 2:  Asami is now in a brightly lit room examining patient x-rays. There is a large x-ray of someone's spinal cord in front of a lit board. Asami is sitting in a chair wearing a white nurse hat with her long brown hair spilling out. She also has on a pink bra, matching pink panties, a garter belt, thigh high fishnet stockings and high heeled sandals. A patient wearing pajamas comes into the room and sits next to nurse Ogawa. He informs her that he does not feel well. Nurse Ogawa opens up his shirt, places a stethoscope on his chest and checks his heart beat. After confirming from what she can hear, his heart beat is fine and an electrocardiogram is unnecessary. She removes his top, rubs him between his legs and props herself onto a table top, allowing him to see her in all the glory of her flawless white skin and hot pink lingerie. He does not respond like a normal hot andxed male would, so she proceeds to place his hand on her panties and has him rub his hand up and down her panties. He looks terrified. Asami advises him to relax, pulls his pajama pants down and strokes his member. That does not seem to help. He still looks worried. Asami coos some words of encouragement in his ear, lies him down on a bed, confidently takes off her hot pink bra and slides off her pink panties. Asami is very thinly built with a body that Venus would envy. Asami then climbs onto the hospital bed, on top of her patient and straddles him between her legs. We can see hospital operation lights above their heads. Using her mouth, Asami gets the patient to expand his rod to full size and hardness. Asami then stands over the patient's head pantiless, wearing only her nurse hat and fishnet thigh high stockings and has him eat her out. Asami gets wet. Now they are both ready. The patient still looks terrified. Asami mounts his rod and rides him like a cowgirl riding a steer. He then proceeds to finish the treatment by doing Asami in missionary fashion. The patient explodes, and Asami has completed her mission.


Scene 3:  We are in a dark operating room now. A patient lies on the operating table. Several x-rays are displayed on a lighted wall. Nurse Ogawa enters and turns on the overhead operating lights. Nurse Ogawa is wearing a white nurse hat, a white nurse gown, white stockings and white high heeled sandals. She has a few words with the patient before taking out his member and playing with it. She uses her mouth to increase the size of his member to maximum. While straddling the patient, Asami's nurse dress has slid up her back revealing a pair of wild leopard print panties. Oops, her mouth works on the patient too hard and he explodes. A second patient comes into the room seeking treatingment now. He is standing. Nurse Ogawa goes and treats his exposed member with her mouth. She then decides that he needs more treatment. Off comes her nursing gown. A wild leopard print bra is revealed. More work on his member with her mouth. The second patient surrenders and explodes too.


Scene 4:  We are now in a brightly lit bedroom. Nurse Ogawa enters wearing a green bra and panty set that has a medical white cross logo on them. She also has on a white nurse hat, a green and white garter belt, white fishnet stockings, high heeled sandals and a stethoscope around her neck. She checks the patient's temperature with an electronic thermometer. Hmm, he is not hot enough. She climbs onto the bed, on top of the patient and removes his pants. She takes off her high heeled sandals. She uses her mouth and works hard on his rod. He wants more. He removes her green medical bra and matching panties. He massages the nurse down below before inserting himself into his nurse and riding her three ways to Sunday. The scene finishes with Nurse Ogawa in bed after being sexed up, wearing just her green and white nurse hat and white fishnet pantyhose looking like she had awesome sex, and is completely satisfied.


Scene 5:  In another patient's bedroom now, Asami Ogawa wears the outfit on the cover of the movie box. Hot white nurse dress with hat, pink bra and panties, fishnet stockings, and high heel sandals. She talks to her patient, removes his blanket and climbs onto his bed. Asami starts to massage his rod while still wearing her white high heeled sandals. Step one done, while looking very sultry. Asami then proceeds to remove his pajamas and once again, uses her mouth to make the rod expand to its maximum firmness and size. Enough fun for the patient, goes Asami Ogawa, What about me? She proceeds to take out a purple egg vibrator, open up her nurse's gown, pull down her bra, place the vibrator in her panties and has a party all by herself. The vibrator in her panties stimulates her hormones which causes Asami to go after the patient with a vengeance now. She uses her mouth on his rod once more until he can barely stand it. She removes her panties and inserts the egg vibrator inside of her and rocks to the rhythm of the beat. Very, very sexy scene.


Scene 6:  Now Asami is back in the patient ward. She has on a black and red latex nurse's hat, a black and red very low cut nursing gown with a skirt that is barely there. She is wearing over the knee black nylon stockings and calf high black high heeled dress boots. She carries a patient chart in and assesses her patient. After saying Hi to him, she jumps on top of him and begins to kiss him. These patients are having the time of their lives but I sure hope they have life insurance! If the patient has a weak heart, I'm not sure they will survive an encounter with one of these nurses. Off goes his pajamas. She kisses his torso then aggressively goes after his rod until he reacts with a "Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee" sound. A second patient enters and Nurse Ogawa uses her oral talent to work on both at the same time. The patients then want to see more of Nurse Ogawa so they sit her down on a bed and open up her sexu nurse black and red latex gown. Black bra and panties are exposed. The bra is pulled down as one patient sucks on her upper body. The other inserts his hand into her panties and massages. Asumi moans. Off come her panties. Patient #1 eats her out. Then patient #2 eats her out. Asumi is all wet. They lie her down on the bed. Asumi is down to her nurse's hat, an opened up black and red latex nursing gown, black stockings and black high heeled dress boots. Her legs get spread in the air as patient #1 does her. A lot of heavy breathing and moaning. While riding Asumi, her right boot gets partially unzipped. Not wanting to have sex with her boot partially on and dangling on her foot, Asumi unzips and gives up her boots. She then proceeds to ride her patient very hard. Hot!


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