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 Ecstasy Trance

 with Saki Tsuji




Saki Tsuji is just phenomenal in this feature as she uses pills to get her into an ecstasy trance and even once done with the men she still cannot help but thrust her hips and moan in joy. It is just fantastic to watch, as she reluctantly does not want to have any sexual dealing to not being able to wait to have cocks in her mouth and in her pussy. Just look at her drool as she sees a cock but cannot have it right away. Simply put, brilliant! [more..]


 Video Title

 Ecstasy Trance


 Saki Tsuji



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 September 6, 2009

 Date Updated

 August 6, 2011








 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: titty fucking(paizuri)

 hardcore props: restraints

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys



Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance
Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance Saki Tsuji in Ecstasy Trance


Saki Tsuji

Scene 1:  Saki does not seem happy when a man offers her a pill to swallow. She refuses and it takes him a few attempts before he gets her to swallow on pill. He leaves her be and when her returns starts to poke and play with her breasts and vagina. Pulling her bra over, he reveals very erect nipples and uses a vibrator on them. Soon Saki is moaning in pleasure as he pushes her pussy apart and fingers it. He uses one of those big vibrators on her pussy, which garners huge screams from her. Now compliant, Saki moves onto all fours and he uses the vibrator on her pussy until she orgasms over and over again, even when the vibrator is removed.


Scene 2:  Saki finds that she cannot stop touching her pussy and breasts. A man enters the room and all this does is excite her some more that her hips start moving in conjunction to her finger entering her pussy. She removes her panties and vigorously rubs her clitoris and brings herself to an orgasm many times, but still cannot stop touching herself. Moving onto her knees, Saki continues to finger herself as the man tugs at himself right in her face. Soon she has the cock in her mouth as she touches herself continuously. She lies down and continues to suck him off until he cums all over her mouth and she moans in delight.


Scene 3:  The man with Saki gets her to swallow another pill, but this time she does not put up as much of a fight and within seconds you can see her nipples become erect under her tight white shirt. He pulls out a vibrator and teases her pussy with it, but cannot help let out moans of pleasure. She reaches such a point that she starts drooling out of her mouth, which is just incredible. He lifts up her shirt and squeezes her nipples before placing her hand on a bulge under his shorts and without hesitation she removes his shorts and starts to tease the tip of his penis before engulfing the whole thing in her mouth. He gets her to give him a minor titty-fuck before removing her panties to show her how wet she has gotten. He gives her an incredible finger fuck before he gets her to deep throat his penis and finally penetrating her vagina. He fucks her hard and in different positions before leaving a load of semen in her vagina.


Scene 4:  Saki is already aroused and her hands are on her pussy when a man walks in and fondles her breasts. She begins drooling as she tugs on his erection, and uses the drool as lubrication on her breasts as she gives him a titty-fuck. She has him lie down and she goes between his legs and gives him some head. She works his penis really hard with her mouth before putting it between her breasts and vigorously grinding it between them. She receives his load over her breasts and massages it all over them.


Scene 5:  Already thrusting her hips as if she is climaxing, two men enter the room and feed Saki more pills. With only a flick on her nipples, Saki begins to moan in pleasure. They use a brush and a big vibrator to get her drooling out of her mouth, and it is very cool to see them use her panties to hold the big vibrator in one place over her pussy. The two men now put some kind of liquid in her mouth and offer her their cocks, which she just feasts upon. Her eyes show an intense hormonal rush and it is apparent as she moans and sucks them so furiously that it is amazing that they still have the skin on their cocks when she is done. She bends over to suck on one guy and is so glad when the other guy slides his cock into her very wet pussy. She takes on both men at the same time, and gladly takes their loads to her face, but she is still in a lustful state after all the fucking that has occurred.


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