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 Virgin Story

 with Mahiro Aine




I haven't seen many of Mahiro's films, yet this one really shocks me. This naive-looking beauty dazzles each viewer with her superb flair for blowjobs. Here are two scenes to prove her faculty for garnering semen: her fellatio is among the best I've ever seen. Mahiro's threesome here is equally praiseworthy. Looks that I need to know more about this wonder girl now. [more..]


 Video Title

 Virgin Story


 Mahiro Aine



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 September 2, 2009








 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: finger fucking

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: maid(meido)



Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story
Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story Mahiro Aine in Virgin Story


Mahiro Aine

Scene 1:  Mahiro kneels in a colorful room, welcoming her hero to come. This smiling girl fishes out his tumescent dick and doesn't scaat time sliding it inside her little mouth. While savoring each inch of the shaft, she keeps uttering comforting words with her large eyes fixed toward the camera. Watching her bedroom eyes and amazing oral soffs, I almost cum on the monitor too. This smart lass is definitely aware what a girl's mouth is meant for -- to be jampacked with a meaty rod, of course. Without a large dick to fill her mouth, her life would be meaningless. Look, this darling begins to deep-throat this lucky guy, who knows that all her efforts will pay off in the end. sure enough, this diligent girl ends up with a mouthful of fresh semen as her reward.


Scene 2:  Dressed like a parlor maid, Mahiro is next to perfection of beauty. Surrounded by two robust guys, this fortunate damsel looks more than delighted to be kissed and caressed by these two experienced boys. Now, she is almost naked, with just her white stockings on. The two guys go to great lengths to finger, relish, and stimulate her boobs and especially her succulent pussy, making her moan in a saccharine voice. I don't need to tell you how alluring this girl appears when she's harassed -- this foreplay takes almost 30 minutes! Then this gifted girl takes turns swallowing two fat dicks for pleasure. What follows is the most heated threesome these weeks. Mahiro just loves the feeling of being totally occupied, with all her orifices stuffed at the same time. The two guys screw this tender cutie in various styles, whereas she doesn't have many chances to pant or whine with her mouth frequently crammed. Such a talented girl has to be explored in this way to present her true value on earth. Watching her scream and pant, my heart is filled with excitement and aspiration: gee, this girl is really dynamic! Both the guys plow her delicate cunt for a really long time before both of them ejaculate joyfully in her steamy mouth. This scene alone occupies 50 minutes.


Scene 3:  A man pours lubricant all over Mahiro's body to make it glitter like gold. Afterward, the man goes on to stroke and finger all her erogenous zones. Later, with the aid of a flexible dildo, this veteran leads this vixen to howl tragically. You have to watch her shimmering body tremble in ecstasy when the gadget slides in and out of her vagina. In the end, this lucky lady achieves hard-earned orgasm.


Scene 4:  Dressed elegantly, Mahiro falls on her knees again to welcome a hero coming to her. Knowing that her fellatio soffs are her bread and butter, this girl again displays brilliant oral techniques in relishing the whole rod and shoveling it down her throat. In addition, this gorgeous slut looks damn enchanting when her head is pressed and her mouth is cruelly fucked. The guy keeps ramming her cute mouth until she gags and coughs on the cock. Her eyes smoldering with yearning for semen, this girl's mouth just sucks on like a vacuum cleaner. In awe, I watch the immense cock push into the innermost part of her mouth, and this aggressive young lady wins a faceful of embellishing sperm through her constant endeavor. I fall really speechless now.


Scene 5:  Like I told you, this flirtatious beauty is an expert in satisfying men. To prove this point, in this scene, Mahiro, with merely underpants on, is made to offer handjob as well as blowjob to two men, with a man calculating with a timer all the time she needs to bring them down. Full of infectious smiles, this capable girl wrings a handful of semen with a fabulous tekoki. Without delay, this energetic girl turns to the other man, using her potent mouth to convince him that he will soon fill her sweet mouth with what she really deserves. Her bobbing to and fro and her cheeks caving and bulging in turns, this able slut proves to us that she has turned oral and manual soffs into an art. The man cannot last long, so he donates a big shot of semen covering her chin. Now, she doesn't let go of the chance to dry up the guy using the timer. This spontaneous queen-like beauty jerks his cock before swiftly mounting it and gyrating on it like a true cowgirl. Having reversed her body, this girl has a joyride on and on. I wonder which man can survive her ferocious riding, and sure enough, this girl succeeds in drying up this lucky man within a few minutes. The final results of the time she has spent tackling three men are 17 minutes. Even though she doesn't rank number one in this industry, she is one of the best, as shown in the records.


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