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 Venus Festa 4

 with Nana NanaumiTiara AyaseKirara KurokawaHaruka Ito




Four major AV studios select their best actresses to appear together in this candy eye-fest. There is plenty of group sex and some school girl theme. Once you lay your eyes on Tiara Ayase, Nana Nanaumi, Haruka Itoh and Kirara Kurokawa, you wouldn't be able to prise yourself away from watching this title over and over again [more..]


 Video Title

 Venus Festa 4


 Nana Nanaumi

 Tiara Ayase

 Kirara Kurokawa

 Haruka Ito



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 January 5, 2017

 Date Updated

 August 5, 2011








 type of sex: gangbang, reverse

 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)



Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4
Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4 Nana Nanaumi in Venus Festa 4


Nana Nanaumi

Tiara Ayase

Kirara Kurokawa

Haruka Ito

Scene 1:  The four girls stand behind four naked men wearing thes masks. The men lie on their backs as the girls begin giving them head jobs. The camera zooms in for a close ups of the girls' beautiful faces as their show off their abilities in pleasuring the men's cocks. They use their hands, mouths and tongues to see which one of them has the better soff in making their man cum! Haruka is the last to make her man cum. She giggles in a embarrassed manner while the other girls tease her! They take out vibrators and dish out "punishment" to Haruka for coming last. The men strip off her clothes and pleasure Haruka's erogenous zones as she squeals while she gets tickled. The four men then each take turns ejaculating on Haruka's pretty face.


Scene 2:  Dressed in her school uniform, Nana is making out her male classmate. He eases her onto a bed, places his hands down her underwear and fingers her pussy. Next, she plants her mouth onto his erect penis to give him a blow job. Soon, he takes off her panties and eats her! Nana spreads her legs apart, allowing her companion to slide his cock inside her for some deep penetration. She saddles him and moans uncontrollably as she grinds onto his penis. Finally, the man fucks Nana in the missionary position and cums.


Scene 3:  The scene goes back to the other three girls. Each guy grabs one of the girls for a partner and grope their bodies. All three girls have their panties removed for some fingering action.Two men hoist Tiara in the air, spread her legs wide open and finger her hard until she squirts her juices everywhere. They engage in group sex, pleasuring each other's private parts. Occasionally, two of the girls would take on one penis together! The men alternate partners, fucking them doggy style and in the missionary position. The scene end with all three men landing the money shots on the girls


Scene 4:  In this scene each of the girls select a costume and sit on a large pink couch. They grab a sex toy each and being to pleasure themselves until they climax.


Scene 5:  In this next scene, the four girls take on one lucky man! Dressed in two piece bikini sets, they play with the man's nipples and cock. Each of the girls take turns pleasuring the man's heavily erect cock. Nana is the first to climb aboard to ride onto the man's dick and then gets fucked in the missionary position where he cums. Next, both Kiara and Haruka ride and then get fucked in the missionary position by the same man. Soon, Tiara begs to be fucked from behind and the man obliges. The other three girls watch on as Tiara gets pumped in the missionary position.


Scene 6:  This last scene is the choice of this title. Eight men join the four girls for some fun. Two men take on each one of the girls and begin undressing them. Nana and Tiara lie on the couch, while Kiara and Haruka gets pleasured on the floor. The girls have their pussies fingered, eaten and thrust by their respective partners. Ocassionally, we would find their mouths pleasuring their men's cocks. Their pussies get pounded until their men ejaculate their loads onto the girls' pretty faces.


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