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 OL Style

 with Ameri Ichinose




Ameri Ichinose has a growing army of devoted fans for the simple reaoffspring that she is one of the hottest looking women ever to appear in JAV. She has beautiful round tits with stiff nipples and the slimmest, most flexible legs and hips you could possibly imagine. Ameri plays an office slut who uses sexual favours once too often in this enjoyable tale of deception and revenge. Watching this beautiful woman stretched open and pounded by horny, desperate men is an experience you should not miss.  [more..]


 Video Title

 OL Style


 Ameri Ichinose



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 June 2, 2010








 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 hardcore activities: rough sex

 breast related: breast play(oppaifechi)

 orgasm related: ass cumshot

 orgasm related: belly cumshot

 orgasm related: facial

 props: blindfold

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: story based

 costumes/apparel: office lady(oh-el)

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)

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Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style
Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style Ameri Ichinose in OL Style


Ameri Ichinose

Scene 1:  It's late at night in the office and Ameri is sucking off an executive while he works on a calculator. She gets his attention by removing her blouse and letting him suck on her magnificent tits. He barks out some orders and then pulls down her panties and fucks her hard from behind. Another employee spies on them from behind a door. The excutive cums in Ameri's mouth and tells her to keep their special relationship a secret. She straightens her clothes and tells us that she is an insatiable office tease and slut.


Scene 2:  The boss addresses the office employees about their poor perfomance. Ameri stands and complains about the male employees and is supported by her lover from the first scene. The boss and the executive leave the room and the three remaining male employees gang up on Ameri for putting them down. The guy that spied on her in scene one tells the others to leave and then begins to fondle her. Ameri meekly tries to fend him off but he rips her black tights and starts working on her shapely ass. He ties up her wrists behind her back with her torn tights and then makes her kneel and suck his cock. She resists at first but he grabs her head and begins to skull fuck her until she takes him all the way down her throat. Ameri gags as he cums in her mouth to end the scene.


Scene 3:  Ameri approaches the boss and the executive privately to discuss her difficult work situation. She uses her charms on the executive while the boss looks on and then she moves on to the boss himself. She strokes his cock and then begins to suck him off while the executive fondles her tits and ass. Ameri is up for a hot threesome as she shows the boss her great tits until he can't hold back and begins to lick her nipples like his life depended on it. She strips off her tights and panties and spreads her legs to show off her tight pussy. The boss is soon licking her clit as she moans in appreciation. The executive gets Ameri's nipples to stand to attention and she cums as he fist fucks her from behind. She is soaking wet as both guys take turns rubbing her clit until she cums again. She is ready for some stiff cock and she sucks both guys while fingering her cunt. Ameri wickedly sucks their balls and then rides the executive as he fucks her hard as she bounces on his lap. He fucks her from behind while she continues to suck the boss' cock. The boss moves in for pussy pounding action and fucks her hard from the front as Ameri whimpers like a bitch in heat. Both men pump her hard until she cums several times before the executive unloads on her ass cheek and the boss shoot onto her pussy mound. The boss appears unhappy that he has been compromised but the damage is done.


Scene 4:  Ameri approaches the two junior employees and tries to reconcile the situation. She sweetens the deal by offering them blowjobs which they eagerly accept. The younger guy plays with her sweet tits until she titty fucks him in addition to blowing him. He can't hold back and both men cum over her face until she is covered in semen. They gladly agree to her terms to end the scene.


Scene 5:  Ameri attends another staff meeting and the employee that fondled her is shamed by the other employees thanks to her earlier efforts to secure their support. The employee plots his revenge and ambushes her when she is alone and then restrains her with leather handcuffs. He applies a vacum cleaner nozzle to her pussy and then follows up with a vibrating dildo which starts to get her aroused. She takes off her tights and he fingers her clit until she soaks her silk panties with pussy juice. The guy slips off her panties and sticks the dildo into her willing hot cunt as he taunts her about being such a slut. Ameri can only whimper and surrender to him as she her pussy melts into a hot sticky mess.


Scene 6:  Ameri is dragged off to a archive storeroom where she is introduced to a young friend of the guy. Both men taunt her and the older guy rips off her tights and blindfolds her while the younger guy rips open her blouse and plays with her nipples. They spread her legs and finger her cunt and suck on her throbbing clit. Ameri is too aroused to resist and sprays them with juice as they make her cum. They apply vibrators to her tits and pussy until she cums again and then the older guy makes her jerk him off until he blows his load over her tits. They strap her to mechanical dildo machine and Ameri looks on in despair as they fill up her pussy and increase the power until she cums repeatedly. The young guy pushes his cock down her throat and then rams his stiff cock into her steaming hot cunt. She rides him before he bends her over and fucks her hard from behind until he unloads all over her tight little ass. The guys taunt her one final time and leave her covered in their semen.


Scene 7:  In what seems like a bonus scene, Ameri visits a relaxation clinic to calm down. She strips off and lies on the massage couch but does not realise that the masseur is the employee who has been fondling her. He massages her shoulders but is checking out her irressistible hot ass. He kneads her buttocks and she questions his behaviour but soon gives in to the pleasure of his touch. The guy holds her down and she realises with horror that she is again at his mercy. He uses the vibrator on her pussy as he pulls back her ass cheeks to reveal her tight asshole. He makes her cum several times to end the film


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