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 Girlicious 01

 with Mihiro




Mihiro is a very well dressed girl who has a problem that most girls her age have. The problem is raging hormones. Mihiro starts off her adventure at a club, dancing and meets some guy friends. With each and every adventure she has with a guy friend, Mihiro gets more and more daring. Mihiro starts off the movie relatively covered up by Japanese AV standards with things like a cowgirl hat, leather jackets, shorts, knee high boots but as the movie progresses, Mihiro seems to finish each scene with fewer and fewer clothes. There is a strip tease element to this movie as well as an interesting twist as we see a confident girl go after what her raging hormones ask her to go after. Excellent film if you want to see confident, glamorous, well dressed AV stars in a tease movie with lots of action.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Girlicious 01





 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 December 31, 2016








 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: anal play(anaru)

 activities: ass licking

 activities: dancing and striptease

 breast related: breast play(oppaifechi)

 orgasm related: facial

 props: oil and jelly

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: other



Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01
Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01 Mihiro in Girlicious 01



Scene 1:  The movie starts off inside a dark dance club. There are strobe lights flashing, a spinning disco ball on the ceiling and music with a heavy beat is playing in the background. The star of the movie, gorgeous Mihiro is dancing to the music. Mihiro has a cute face with large, innocent looking eyes and luscious wavy brown locks of hair which flow down past her shoulders and onto her back. Mihiro is wearing a white baseball cap, a silver fleece lined jacket that is unzipped. Underneath the jacket is a green bra top. On her hands are fingerless green leather gloves. She has on tight black leather shorts with lots of gold chain ornaments on them. On her legs is a pair of tall white fur lined leather high boots with stiletto heel. Mihiro gyrates to the techno beat of the music. There is a cut scene and Mihiro reappears on the dance floor wearing a brown cowgirl hat with a black leather jacket that is opened up at the front revealing a red bra top. She now has white fingerless leather gloves on her hand and a pair of black leather shorts and black knee high dress boots. Mihiro gyrates to the music once more as the camera pans up and down her body to give us glimpses of what is to come.


Scene 2:  The techno music is no longer flowing from the speakers. We are still on the dance floor of the club. Mihiro is wearing a very cute furry white baseball cap, the unzipped silver fleece lined jacket, a green bra top, green fingerless gloves, black shorts with gold chain ornaments and the very tall white fur lined high heel boots. Mihiro is busy making out with a guy. Mihiro gives the guy a really seductive look before taking out a pair of handcuffs and locking the guys hand behind his back. Mihiro lies the guy down on a bed. She takes off her cute furry white baseball cap revealing a head full of beautiful brown locks of hair. She gives the camera a seductive look then proceeds to strip the guy and play with his rod. Mihiro removes her gloves so she gets more skin contact with his rod. She gets hot playing with him so off comes her silver jacket, leaving her wearing just her green bra top, black shorts and tall white fur lined high heeled boots. Mihiro proceeds to use her hand to furiously rub his rod. The guy stubbornly refuses to surrender his load. Mihiro does not give up. She uses her own saliva to lubricate his rod before using her hand to furiously massage his rod once more. This time the guy surrenders his load all over her hand.


Scene 3:  We are now in a brightly lit room. Mihiro and a guy are half sitting, half lying down on a purple bed. Mihiro's gorgeous brown hair is done up in a bob with cute bangs hanging down her face. She is wearing a leopard skin button up sweater with a low cute black dress underneath. The tops of her bright purple bra is peaking out over the top of her black dress. She has a gold necklace around her neck, striped black footless tights on her legs and a pair of soft leather over the knee boots covering her legs. The guy immediately gets down to business. He first massages her breasts through the dress and bra. Then he pulls Mihiro's over the knee black leather boots off. He licks her feet, kisses her arm pits and then her leopard print sweater and black dress come flying off. Her purple bra gets lifted to reveal that she is very well endowed. He kisses and plays with her bare breasts, then proceeds to play with her behind still clad in the tights and panties. Then he loses control and slides her tights and panties off as Mihiro is now no longer wearing any clothes. She uses her mouth to expertly orally stimulate his rod. He becomes ready for action very quickly. She then rides his rod like a cowgirl riding a wild steed. After a very wild ride, she lies down and goes into the missionary position for him to continue to pleasure her until he runs out of energy.


Scene 4:  We are now in a room with red walls and a single white sofa. Mihiro is wearing just an the print bra and panties set. She whispers seductively to the camera before removing her the print bra. She has very large breasts. Mihiro rubs her large breasts and seduces herself. She then rubs herself through her the print panties before taking them off and rubbing her very own gates of heaven between her legs. The camera pans up and down her body revealing beautiful expanses of flawless skin. Once she is wet, she takes out a silver color vibrator which she uses on herself to make her even wetter. Then in goes the vibrator. Even with the vibrator inside her, Mihiro is amazingly calm and still able to give the camera very seductive glances. The scene ends with Mihiro having satisfied herself, removes the vibrator from herself and gives the camera one satisfied look.


Scene 5:  In an old fashioned brick school house, we now get schoolgirl Mihiro. She is wearing a thin white button up blouse that is cut to reveal her bare, flat stomach. She has on a very short red tartan schoolgirl skirt as well as white over the knee socks and penny loafers. The scene starts with her making out with a guy. After the intense make out session, the guy sits Mihiro down on a white mattress in the middle of the floor. He pours lubricant all over her thin white schoolgirl top while massaging her breasts through the top. Mihiro looks like she is enjoying the experience. Soon enough, the top is moved aside and the lubricant is poured over her bare breasts. Mihiro enjoys that too. The guy massages her bare breasts as Mihiro leans back and looks blissful. The skirt gets lifted up to reveal bright orange panties. Lube gets poured over the orange panties as Mihiro gets massaged between her legs. Then the panties come flying off as the guy inserts his fingers between Mihiro's legs. She gets very wet. Mihiro orally stimulates his rod and he is soon hard. The guy then furiously pumps Mihiro as she moans very very loudly. He loses steam and loses his load all over Mihiro's pretty face and partially on her mouth.


Scene 6:  In a room with windows, Mihiro is sitting on a red couch furiously making out with a guy. She is wearing a black painter's cap with a black sweater over a green button up shirt, a thick white belt, thigh high black stockings and black over the knee suede boots. As she kisses the guy, she strips the guy as well. She zeros in on his rod and using a combination of her hand and mouth, she stimulates the rod. After a long time is spent stimulating his rod, Mihiro takes off her black painter's cap to show off her gorgeous locks of brown hair. Mihiro uses her tongue and licks the guy all over before focusing all her efforts on his rod. Once again using a combination of hand strokes and oral ability she furiously stimulates the guy and this time he gives in and surrenders his load. Mihiro looks pleased.


Scene 7:  In a room with red brick walls, we now get wild west cowgirl Mihiro. She is wearing a brown cowgirl hat with a black leather jacket that is opened up at the front revealing a red bra top. She also has on white fingerless leather gloves on her hand, a pair of black leather shorts with gold chain ornaments and brown knee high dress boots. The scene starts off with her furiously making out with a guy. The cowgirl hat falls off pretty early on as the guy starts to feel Mihiro up. He touches her breasts through the red bra top. He rubs her between the legs through her black pants. We get a very good show of Mihiro getting felt up with her clothes on before the guy snaps open her red bra and goes at her ample breasts. After feeling up her bare breasts, he removes Mihiro's black shorts to reveal red panties that perfectly match her now open red bra top. He applies an electric vibrator to her red panties. Mihiro puts on a great show of gyrating and moaning as the vibrator is pressed up against her red panties. Off come the red panties and the vibrator gets applied directly between Mihiro's legs. Mihiro is still wearing the black leather jacket but the front is fully open revealing her well endowed body. Her shorts and panties are gone but her brown knee high boots are still on. Mihiro moans and has a look of raw pleasure on her face as the vibrator does its work. Mihiro spreads her legs wide apart to give us a good view during the long vibrator against flesh scene. Then the guy removes her jacket, leaving Mihiro wearing only her brown boots and nothing else. Mihiro orally stimulates his rod until it is hard. She sits on top of the guy and bounces up and down on him as the rod slides in and out of Mihiro. Lots of moaning. The guy then stands Mihiro up and enters her from behind before lying her down and finishing the job with her legs in the 69 position. He pulls out at the last moment and explodes all over her face.


Reviewed by  hunklee10001




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