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 Sperm Festival

 with Yuria Satomi




Yuria Satomi, who used to be known as Aya Koizumi, is a great looking lady. I think that she looks more beautiful than when she went by her former name. This movie is different than most of the other spermfest and sperm related movies because Yuria looks elegant and high class in every scene. Dressed in a formal dress and other good looking outfits her face and body get splattered with sperm in every scene. When you add in the hot sex this becomes a don't miss movie.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Sperm Festival


 Yuria Satomi



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 December 23, 2016








 type of sex: gangbang

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 orgasm related: ass cumshot

 orgasm related: breast cumshot

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm shower(bukkake)

 costumes/apparel: lingerie



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Yuria Satomi in Sperm Festival Yuria Satomi in Sperm Festival Yuria Satomi in Sperm Festival Yuria Satomi in Sperm Festival Yuria Satomi in Sperm Festival Yuria Satomi in Sperm Festival Yuria Satomi in Sperm Festival


Yuria Satomi

Scene 1:  After some glamour poses by our lovely actress the first scene begins with immediate action as we see a guy fondling Yuria's breasts thru the elegant purple dress that she is wearing. The guy soon has her magnificent round tits exposed and is tweaking her nipples and fingering her pussy. Once he has her body sexed up this stud begins pounding Yuria's pussy. While Yuria is on her back getting screwed about a dozen other guys come up and decorate her face with their sperm. Finally the guy drilling her pussy jumps up and adds his contribution of sperm to Yuria's glazed face.


Scene 2:  The second scene opens to show a guy feeding his limp cock to Yuria's mouth. Using her vacuum-like mouth Yuria gets him hard and then continues sucking the cock until the guy explodes over her face. She then turns to another guy and helps him to unload his sperm onto her face. Before this scene is finished Yuria has coaxed the sperm out of five guys and her face is completely glazed over. I think it is time for this cute slut to have a shower.


Scene 3:  We are treated to some more glamour shots of Yuria dressed in what is either a good looking flight attendants outfit or an office lady's uniform. Then the scene opens to show about 8 guys feeling up her body. One guy takes a vibrator to Yuria's pussy while she uses her mouth to get the other guys' cocks hard. These guys then spare her face from another sperm shower but instead deposit their loads onto her nice looking clothes. By the time the one guy is finished tormenting her pussy with the vibrator Yuria is exhausted and her good clothes completely soiled. At this time I thought the scene was over, but another guy enters the picture and shoves his hard penis into her sensitive pussy. That is the signal for more guys to approach Yuria and shoot their sperm onto her face. This long scene ends when the guy screwing Yuria also dumps his load onto her face which by time has pools of sperm around her eyes.


Scene 4:  Yuria is dressed in a good looking 2 piece blue bikini as this scene begins. However she removes the bikini top and massages her tits with one hand while she fingers her pussy with the other. As she is masturbating guys come up to her and dribble sperm onto her tits. She finishes masturbating to an orgasm on her hands and knees while more guys are painting her ass cheeks with white sticky goo.


Scene 5:  Yuria approaches a guy who is lying on the floor and kisses him and then moves her mouth to the rest of his body. She spends a lot of time sucking his cock and even his ass hole. The guy returns the favor and sexes up her body. After some 69 action Yuria mounts his hard penis and rides him like a good cow girl. After a while she continues to slide her pussy up and down the guy's hard meat but she arches her back downward to allow several guys to come up and plaster her face with cum. The lucky guy screwing her moves her onto her back and finishes her off with some hard fucking while the other guys add their sperm to her face. The movie ends with a few more glamour shoots of Yuria.


Reviewed by  fredexc




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