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 24 Hour Semen Nurse

 with Maki HojoTsubomiAkira EllyCocomi Naruse




MOODYZ is a name synonymous in JAV with quality actresses and high production values so a four hour epic featuring Akira Elly, Tsubomi, Cocomi Naruse and Maki Hojo necessarily means a big bang for your buck. These horny nurses and a female doctor relentlessly pursue every opportuntity to deprive men of every drop of their seminal fluids for the sole purpose of swapping it around in their mouths and swallowing every last drop. The blow jobs in this film are great and all the girls look sexy and depraved as they smile sweetly as semen drips from their flushed and swollen lips. Although this is obviously natural title for lovers of facials, sperm showers and sperm play, the quality of the production and the raw beauty of all the girls makes this a great choice for all lovers of uninhibited women who like it dirty and wild. [more..]


 Video Title

 24 Hour Semen Nurse


 Maki Hojo


 Akira Elly

 Cocomi Naruse



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 December 15, 2016








 type of sex: gangbang, reverse

 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: lesbianism(rezubian)

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 type of sex: threesome, ffm

 activities: ass licking

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 hardcore activities: chair confinement

 hardcore props: restraints

 pussy related: pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 orgasm related: cum swallowing(gokkun)

 orgasm related: cum swapping

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm play

 orgasm related: sperm shower(bukkake)

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: nurse(naasu)

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)



Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse
Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse Maki Hojo in 24 Hour Semen Nurse


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Maki Hojo


Akira Elly

Cocomi Naruse

Scene 1:  Tsubomi formally introduces us to the hospital and takes us on a tour. We get a good idea of what goes on in this place when we visit the first ward where Akira is sticking a Q tip up a male patient's ass. We move to another situation where Cocomi is dealing with a guy who is yelling and grabbing at his cock. We continue down the corridor where Rui trips over and spills her surgical equipment and then flashes her panties as she crawls on the floor picking them up. We finally meet Maki who plays a doctor at the hospital and all the girls undress a lucky guy for a very thorough 'examination' in her office. They ultimately only seem to be interested in his cock. They give him a great handjob as the scene is shot from his POV. Maki applies her medical knowledge and shows the girls how it is done as he splatters their faces with hot semen. The girls lap it up and then swap it amongst each other with french kisses until Akira swallows the lot. A younger guy enters and gets a great blowjob from the girls who each take turns deep throating him and sucking his balls. He blows his load over their faces and they play with his cum in their dirty little mouths before swallowing it down. A third guy enters and gets blown but both Rui and Cocomi desperately need to leak so they take off their panties and shoot a golden stream onto the floor as their bladders are relieved of their aching burden. The guy shoots off into their mouths and they continue to swap his juice and swallow to end the scene.


Scene 2:  Akira and Rui set up the examination table and then tie down and blindfold a patient to check his sexual responses. They lick his body before moving to his stiffening cock and aching balls. Rui removes her top and lets the guy suck on her nipples before Akira rips off her tights and panties and sits on the guy's face and grinds her cunt as she tries to cum. Rui has moved to his asshole and licks it sweetly before Akira climbs onto his cock and rides him with her hairless pussy. Akira is a gusher and the guy is soon covered in her cunt juice before Rui gets her share of cock up her tight pussy as Akira licks her tits and fingers her clit. A doctor appears and is soon undressed and sucked like the first guy. Both guys ram their cocks up the girls' pussies and make them cum several times before more guys appear and stuff their stiff cocks into the girls' willing mouths. They unload one wad of semen after another as the girls continue to be pounded hard doggy style and the girls don't scaat one drop. The first two guys finally get to cum and pump their hot loads down the girls' throats as Akira jerks herself off and explodes in a spray of cunt juice. Great scene!


Scene 3:  Cocomi innocently enters Maki's office and finds a stash of sex toys. Maki kindly offers to show her how they work and begins to stimulate Cocomi's tits and clit. Cocomi looks embarrassed but doesn't resist as her tights are torn open and the doctor makes her cum in her panties. Two guys appear and work on both women with dildos and vibrators. Both girls kiss and suck each others tits as their pussies are mercilessly probed and stimulated. The room is now filled with horny guys all desperate to cum on the girl's pretty faces. They continuously receive load after load and kiss each other so they can share all of the creamy goodness over and over again.


Scene 4:  Tsubomi is strapped to an examination table with her legs spread in a very inviting position. Two doctors begin to fondle and undress her and work on her nipples and clit until she is wet and ready to fuck. Cocomi comes in and wants to learn how to suck Tsubomi's pussy and soon becomes a seaoffspringed expert under the good doctors' tuition. She is taught the finer points of finger fucking and nipple sucking as the wetness of Tsubomi's cunt demonstrates very well. Tsubomi is released and returns the favour as both girls squirt their juices over the floor. Both girls are fucked front and back before being surrounded by guys and getting a hot semen shower as the doctors continue to adminster treatment to their throbbing cunts. Tsubomi in particular is magnificent as she gets on all fours and sucks off one guy after another as she kisses Cocomi and gets fucked hard from behind. The doctors finally cum in the girls' mouths and they kiss and cuddle in the magic of the moment.


Scene 5:  All the nurses undress two patients for their daily blowjob treatment. Mako enters and shows the girls how to conduct a proper physical examination. She smiles proudly as the nurses artfully extract semen from the first patient and swap the cum from one mouth to another until they have all got their share. The next patient gets the same treatment and his cock is soon as stiff as a board. Akira shows off her deep throating soffs as other girls let the guy play with their firm young tits. He can't hold back and splashes semen all over the nurses' willing lips and tongues. They all lap up the cream and swallow until all their mouths are dry.


Scene 6:  The next scene opens in a crowded waiting room where the nurses seemed overwhelmed by demanding patients. The girls improvise and under the good doctor's supervision it's blowjobs for everyone in the waiting room! Now all the patients are demanding only to blow their loads into the girls' cock hungry mouths. Nice POV shots follow of all the girls giving great blowjobs and taking big wads of semen down their throats. The girls then line up on their knees for a marathon cock sucking and semen shower session involving dozens of guys getting their rocks off all over the girls' desperate faces. The girls lick themselves off to end the scene.


Scene 7:  It's night time in the wards and the nurses are still horny and desperate to fuck. Tsubomi comforts Rui and they soon start to fondle each other in the corridor. They suck each others nipples and and clits until they are disturbed by a noise and run away. Later on Akira sneaks into a patients room and sucks his cock until he cums all over himself and then repeats the process with the next patient in the ward. Tsubomi and Rui join in and Akira demonstrates how to suck and lick a guy's asshole. The girls are good learners and the guy's hole gets an excellent oral examination before his balls, shaft and anus are licked together and he explodes all over them. All three girls then organise a late night semen shower in their dorm and dozens of guys give them everything they have got. The girls show off their tits to give the guys extra inspiration and lick each others faces to end the scene.


Scene 8:  Maki examines what appears to be a jar of urine before moving her attentions to a guy on her examination table. She strips off and rubs her beautiful tits against him before grinding her cunt against his chin and sucking his cock while sitting on his face. She squats on his cock and rides him deep up her pussy until the guy responds and pounds her hard on the table. The nurses enter and encourage their doctor as more guys enter and begin to shower her face with semen as she continues to fuck her patient. He unloads into her mouth and all the girls lap up the semen.


Scene 9:  All the girls begin a hot lesbian orgy by stripping off and sucking on each others tits and pussy in the showstopping final scene of the film. Several guys appear and take over the kissing and fondling of the girls. The girls quickly move to sucking cock as there cunts are fingerered and sucked. They get fucked hard as they continue to kiss and fondle each other in the spirit of sisterly love. The girls are laid out in a row and the grand climax semen shower soon has them covered in hot cream and begging for more. The girls are left messy and exhausted to end a very sticky and enjoyable film.


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