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 Gangbang Slave Acme

 with Yuka OsawaCocomi NaruseNeiro SuzukaSuzuka Ishikawa




The premise of this film is a very simple one; imagine you are working in an office full of sexually insatiable office ladies who cannot get enough of your semen in their dirty little mouths. The scenes alternate between streamy one on one encounters to full blown group sex scenarios in which the guys get sucked and fucked by several women at the same time. Lovers of OLs, blowjobs and group sex will all find plenty to like in this full featured title.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Gangbang Slave Acme


 Yuka Osawa

 Cocomi Naruse

 Neiro Suzuka

 Suzuka Ishikawa



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 January 9, 2017








 type of sex: gangbang, reverse

 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 activities: titty fucking(paizuri)

 breast related: big breasts

 breast related: breast play(oppaifechi)

 orgasm related: cum swallowing(gokkun)

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm play

 props: glasses(gankyou)

 props: oil and jelly

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: office lady(oh-el)

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)



Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme
Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme Yuka Osawa in Gangbang Slave Acme


Yuka Osawa

Cocomi Naruse

Neiro Suzuka

Suzuka Ishikawa

Scene 1:  The scene opens with an introduction of the office ladies. The film is shot from the viewer's POV as the the girls line up and smile seductively at the camera. They introduce themselves to the first guy who is ordered to lie on a desk as one girl begins to slowly french kiss him. She is followed by each of the other seven girls who also begin to undress him and work on his whole body, including his cock, balls, ears and nipples. They lift him up and begin to lick and finger fuck his asshole. They all gasp and admire his stiff cock and fight each other to touch and lick it. The lead girl undresses and begins to titty fuck him with her ample breasts. Another girl follows up with a wet blowjob and then all the girls take turns sucking his aching cock. Two more guys appear and the girls spread out to work on each of them. The girls continue to give great blowjobs and take off their blouses to let the guys suck on their tits. The girls finish the guys with hot handjobs and scream with pleasure when the guys explode and shoot wads of semen all over themselves.


Scene 2:  Another girl features in this scene as an OL who spills tea over the crotch of her boss and then has to make up for her clumsiness. She lets him squeeze her pretty tits and kisses him slowly before he begins to lick and then pinch her stiffening nipples. The boss fingers her cunt through her red panties and then pulls her panties off to reveal her swollen meat. He licks her pussy and then she wraps her lips tenderly around his swollen cock. She shows off all her cock sucking talent while looking wickedly into the camera and whispering filthy suggestions to get the guy really hard. She straddles the guy and he rams his cock up her steaming hot cunt. He stands her up and bangs her hard from behind and then fucks her missionary style before cuming in her mouth. The girl laps it up to end the scene.


Scene 3:  Two other girls persuade their boss that he needs some sexual relief and he quickly submits to their seductive charms. They lick his nipples before releasing his stiff cock from his trousers and sucking his shaft and balls with surgical precision. One girl spreads lubricant on his cock with her mouth and the other sucks on his fingers. The girls have to hold the guy down as they blow him hard until they finally release him by wanking him off and letting him him blow his load over their fingers.


Scene 4:  Another girl approaches her boss and persuades him to lie on his desk while she undresses him and sucks on his nipples and cock. She deep throats him and gorges herself on his swollen balls. She sucks him up like a vacum cleaner and gags as he pumps a huge wad of cum into her hungry mouth. She smiles and gently teases him as she continues to play with his cock. He is soon stiff again and the girl removes her panties and blouse and invites him to fuck her by masturbating in front of him. The boss slips his cock inside her cunt and bangs her on the table. She presents her beautiful ass and he fucks her doggy style before she rides him before he blows another huge wad into her gaping mouth. She licks up every drop to end a very hot scene.


Scene 5:  Five OLs drag two guys in suits into the office and begin to work them over on the tables. They undress and begin to rub their pussies against the guys' stiffening cocks. Some girls get their nipples sucked before wrapping their mouths around some cock and sucking like their lives depended on it. The guys get titty fucked and also finger fuck and suck the girls' steaming hot cunts. Two girls produce vibrating dildos and start to masturbate each other as all the girls get desperate to fuck. A girl with big tits guides one guy's stiff cock into her pussy before both guys start banging the girls hard from behind as they moan with satisfaction. All the girls eventually get cocks up their cunts until they collapse from exhaustion and satisfaction. The guys unload in the girl's mouths and they all happily lap up up all the creamy goodness.


Scene 6:  Two OLs with glasses start to work on the cock of another employee. They gently stroke his cock until it becomes rock hard and begin to wickedly lick and suck his shaft and balls. They finish him off with a vigorous handjob and lick and smear his semen all over themselves.


Scene 7:  A guy approaches an OL and begins to grope her tits and ass. She resists for a moment before giving in and kissing the guy passionately on the mouth. He rips off her blouse and squeezes her nipples until they are hard and then moves to finger her ass and cunt. She gets on her knees and lovingly fondles and sucks his bulging cock. She removes her tights and panties and the guy works on her clit with a large vibrator as she squirms with pleasure. He finger fucks her and makes her wet before fucking her from behind as her tits bounce in time with his strokes. He cums in her mouth to end the scene.


Scene 8:  A leggy OL grabs the cocks of two junior employees and makes them drop their trousers. She works hard on both cocks until they are stiff and then sucks on them at the same time. Both guys cum into her mouth and she plays with the semen on her tongue before swallowing every drop.


Scene 9:  Three sexy OLs work on their boss until his cock is stiff and hard. One girl strips off and titty fucks him before riding his shaft while he finger fucks the other girls at the same time. The girls all take turns getting fucked by the guy who unloads in one girl's mouth before they all take turns sucking his cock dry.


Scene 10:  Many great shorts from YELLOW follow the main feature.


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