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 White Sexual Desire

 with Mahiro Aine




DOGMA is a company noted for films that push the limit and this one is certainly no exception. Beautiful Mahiro Aine is encouraged to swallow load after load of hot semen while looking angelic at the same time. The costumes are very sexy and Mahiro's seductive facial expressions as she speaks to camera are worth the price of admission alone. If watching a very cute and innocent girl begging to swallow semen and be fucked into a sticky mess appeals to you, you will enjoy this film. [more..]


 Video Title

 White Sexual Desire


 Mahiro Aine



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 January 10, 2017








 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 breast related: small breasts

 pussy related: pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 orgasm related: breast cumshot

 orgasm related: cum swallowing(gokkun)

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: leg cumshot

 orgasm related: sperm play

 orgasm related: sperm shower(bukkake)

 props: leash

 angles/type: pov

 girl type: submissive

 costumes/apparel: athletic

 costumes/apparel: exercise

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)

 costumes/apparel: swimsuit(mizugi)



Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire
Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire Mahiro Aine in White Sexual Desire


Mahiro Aine

Scene 1:  Mahiro looks amazingly cute as she is interviewed in a schoolgirl costume with a collar and chain attached to her neck. She talks about her erotic fantasies and her love of semen as the camera zooms in on her beautiful smiling face and sweet little girl dimples. She is orded to spread her soft inner thighs and flash her panties which she does happily. A guy appears and deposits a thick wad of semen over Mahiro's lips and chin and she plays with it and licks it up off her fingers. More cum is squirted into her mouth and she moans and squirms with pleasure as she lovingly looks at the camera with big bedroom eyes. She makes you feel as if she is swallowing all your semen and loving every second of it. Mahiro's whole face and hair are soon coated in cum as she licks her swollen lips and totally submits to our will.


Scene 2:  Mahiro is dressed in a gorgeous little girl costume with bright red ribbons and a matching hat as she talks to the camera and squeezes her erect nipples. She pouts seductively and reveals her white panties and black tights as she begs several men to blow their loads over her baby face and soft round tits. Her fingers move to her clit and she soon begins to wet her pants with pleasure. The first guy shoots onto her nipple and Mahiro collects his juice with a silver spoon before licking it all up in her hot little mouth. More guys cum on her tits and she lovingly collects and swallows every drop. She then gets some cum shots on her black tights and she scraps up the semen and eats it as well. She takes off her tights and sucks the cum off the material and then even licks the stained bedsheets while smiling like an angel.


Scene 3:  Mahiro is dressed in a gym costume and is kneeling in front of a guy and fondling and licking his cock. Her facial expressions are incredibly hot as we see her from the guy's POV and he begins to fondle her ass and cunt as she deep throats him up top. Mahiro gags and then soaks her panties with cunt juice as she masturbates herself to orgasm and the guy whacks off a load into her greedy mouth. She is given a silver tray and ordered to collect any cum that spills from her lips. Several guys cum in her mouth and her whole face is soon covered in semen but she takes it all with a smile. Mahiro licks up every drop of the semen on the tray until it is clean while gazing up seductively at the camera. She smiles innocently and giggles when her master praises her like a small andx.


Scene 4:  The scene opens with a great shot of Mahiro's ass as she sucks off a guy while dressed in a crotchless swimming costume. The POV shot of her face as she is sucking his cock shows just what a stunningly beautiful young woman she is. She plays with her clit as the camera zooms in on her tight little asshole. Mahiro squats over his cock and guides it up her cunt as she moans with pleasure as the guy bangs her hard until she cums. She begs to be covered in semen and many guys soon oblige her as she continues to be fucked hard up her cunt. Mahiro is given a massive facial by several guys before the guy fucking her also unloads into her mouth and leaves her gasping for breath. She looks like a beautiful fuck doll as she squirms on the floor covered in semen.


Scene 5:  Mahiro is being finger fucked while wearing a pretty pink little girl top. The guy makes her cum and she shoots a fountain of cunt juice as another guy blows his load over her face. More facials follow as she continues to ejeculate uncontrollably. Mahiro is given a martini glass and told to fill it with semen from her mouth as the guy makes her cum by again by fingering her clit. She desperately tries to comply and please her master as she swallows a glass full of semen. She submits as the guy slips his cock up her tight pussy and more guys plaster her face with an endless stream of semen as she cums again and again. The guy finally shoots into her willing mouth and she licks it up like cream. Mahiro is overwhelmed by the hammering she has received and begins to cry as the guy tries to cheer her up. She bravely puts on a smile to end the scene.


Scene 6:  Mahiro smiles sweetly as she sucks the interviewer's cock as it is shot POV. She is totally naked and she has semen on her face. She speaks to him like a little girl and giggles as she makes him blow his load over his stomach. She licks it off his skin like a good girl and is happy when he approves.


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