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 Lets Do It At School

 with Aino Kishi




Aino is a lovely girl, who knows well that the existence of such an only girl in this high school is meant to bring immense joy to each boy in this school, not to mention that she is absolutely talented in making boys happy. She also knows that each of a girl's physical parts can be extremely useful in the process, realizing that girls are born to please boys. There is no better thing on earth, she believes, than making the best of every second of her high-school days, but it takes hard work. She is really the happiest high-school girl on earth. [more..]


 Video Title

 Lets Do It At School


 Aino Kishi


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 Date Added

 December 23, 2016








 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: anal play(anaru)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: foot play(ashifechi)

 activities: pussy eating

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm play

 props: hidden vibe

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)

 costumes/apparel: swimsuit(mizugi)



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Aino Kishi in Lets Do It At School Aino Kishi in Lets Do It At School Aino Kishi in Lets Do It At School Aino Kishi in Lets Do It At School Aino Kishi in Lets Do It At School Aino Kishi in Lets Do It At School Aino Kishi in Lets Do It At School


Aino Kishi

Scene 1:  Aino transfers to a new class composed of six boys. The first day of her school life here starts with an episode in the infirmary, where she meets a sick classmate. Aware that this boy is in need of physical comfort now, this wise girl sits directly on his face to cheer him up. Despite the shy boy's resistence, this spontaneous girl insists on fishing out his fat dick and jerking it proficiently, to his surprise. She inserts this meaty rod inside her steamy mouth and her head bobs up and down fast as if she has practiced it thousands of times. This charming girl touches the boy's heartstrings by serving him manually and orally, accompanied by verbal encouragement, displaying her innate marvelous talent in pleasing a boy in various positions. Then she kisses the boy passionately while yanking his penis at will, uttering lewd words to excite him. Thus, as she wishes, this diligent and smiling girl wins a mouthful of semen, and of course, this boy is truly cured.


Scene 2:  While two boys are studying industriously, Aino enters the classroom in joy, yet she finds studying boring, so she tries her best to enliven the atmosphere by seducing the boys to have some fun. This kind-hearted lass allows the boys to kiss her and caress each part of her immaculate body. To be sure, the two boys go to great lengths to explore such a female body cruelly and meticulouly to gain knowledge about human bodies. They stroke her tits, examine her hips, and definitely do thorough research into her vagina. This is just like taking a class, and each student involved is learning happily. After the boys delving inside her cunt delightfully, it's the thoughtful girl's turn to reward them orally, who greedily savors two tumescent dicks with a smile. Convinced that all her efforts will pay off later, this beauty crams the tasty rods inside each corner of her cute mouth. Soon enough, we find this girl gyrating on a dick while feeding on a swollen cock gleefully. This versatile lass proves that she can satisfy two hungry boys at the same time in all the styles imaginable. Sucking and fucking simultaneously, apparently, is what this girl does each day since she looks so natural when doing them so well. After pounding her pussy by turns, the boys drench her adorable face with glutinous fluids. She does know the meaning of diligence: it always pays off.


Scene 3:  Aino changes into a swimming suit before her PE teacher. Physical education, by definition, means that a girl taking this class has to devote physical exertion. This is why this male teacher dedicates so much care and exploration to each erogenous part of her slender body. Besides a pointer, this educator employs vibrators to make this girl whine like an injured puppy. Assured that girls have to do exercise to keep in shape, this smart damsel lies on her stomach on a desk to swallow her teacher's manhood like crazy. Her efforts win herself a golden chance to get thrusted from the behind: her efforts always pay off in her way. By getting screwed in various fashions, this young girl takes exercise and obtains unspeakable pleasure, which is the substance of taking PE classes. By ramming this sluttish girl powerfully, this diligent teacher gets repaid by dumping a big load of sperm down her throat. Good teachers always know how to give their students expertise as well as nutrition.


Scene 4:  As Aino is about to leave the classroom, she is stopped by four of her male classmates. They all have learned that this fun-loving girl likes to gain delight and extra nourishment with her hands and mouth. Hence, they stuff her little mouth as they wish and even better, they can see this vigorous girl getting pumped and sucking at the same time. This talented slut makes the most of her hands and mouth to wring each drop of the boys' jizz, and beyond question, all the four boys splatter on her lovely face in the meantime to contribute to her facial care. The poor girl is almost cover upd in such nutritious fluids.


Scene 5:  A male school boy admits his fondness of Aino, and he is rewarded soon enough. This generous girl kisses him fervently, which leads the boy to sample each of her erogenous zones, getting her to smile. Following a 69, this energetic schoolgirl rides his penis with confidence, rocking her loins movingly. This little slut looks equally inviting when plowed from the rear, especially when she lies on her stomach and trembles with excitement. The final missionary style proves to be convincing and, as she has expected, the boy cums cheerfully on her belly. She must be thinking: oops, why not on my face?


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