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 Can College 60

 with Ami Morikawa




Using creative camera work, this movie is show as if you are the guy going on a hot date with Ami Morikawa. Ami is a college student who loves sweet desserts, enjoys watching the Fukuoka Hawks play baseball and is a daring girl willing to try exciting things. The first half of the movie is spent wooing her as you take her out for dessert, you take her to a batting cage and coach her on how to hit a baseball. Once you get to the stage of the date where the two of you are taking naughty photos together, the daring part of the adventure begins. Watch this movie to see what a fantasy date with a Japanese AV actress could go and how you could end the date with a big smile on your face.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Can College 60


 Ami Morikawa



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 December 15, 2016








 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 hardcore props: restraints

 breast related: big breasts

 breast related: breast play(oppaifechi)

 orgasm related: ass cumshot

 orgasm related: facial

 props: blindfold

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: interview

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)

 costumes/apparel: tennis



Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60
Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60 Ami Morikawa in Can College 60


Ami Morikawa

Scene 1:  We get our first glimpse of Japanese AV star actress Ami Morikawa in the busy streets of Fukuoka. A guy is waiting for Ami with a camcorder. We see ordinary looking citizens walk by, we see ordinary citizens cycle by, then we see a gorgeous girl with brilliant white skin, long rich reddish brown hair and a cute face with movie star good looks. Amy comes up to you and starts to chat with upi, occasionally flashing you a cute smile. Ami is wearing a white button up sweater, pink skirt, an unbuttoned white fur coat, skin tone pantyhose and a pair of white low heeled open toe pumps. She is carrying a tote bag in her hand. The movie is shot from a first peroffspring perspective so you feel as if you are the peroffspring chatting with her as Ami walks down the street carrying on a conversation with you. As you walk, you get to know a little bit about Ami and get a feel for her peroffspringality. You find out that she is a college student.


Scene 2:  You are now seated with Ami at a cafe. There is a lot of food on the table including bread rolls, chocolate fudge cake, a strawberry milkshake, sesame puff balls, a bowl of noodles and pudding. Ami is enjoying the rich variety of food as you are successfully wooing her. While eating, the two of you chat. You ask Ami for a piece of government issued identification. She hands it over to you and you confirm that she is of legal age.


Scene 3:  You discover that Ami is a fan of the Seattle Mariners and Fukuoka Hawks baseball team. With that tidbit of knowledge, you decide to take her out for some fun. The two of you go to a batting cage where Ami tries her hand at hitting the fastballs that the pitching machine is blasting out. Still wearing her white fur coat, Ami steps up to the hitting area with a light weight aluminum baseball bat. Ami bats right. You advise her on how to properly grip a baseball bat and the proper stance for batting. Ami takes a few practice swings with the baseball bat. You insert the coins to start the pitching machine. A high tech video projection screen shows a pitcher throwing the balls as the pitching machine launches the baseballs at Ami. She misses the first fifteen pitches. She kicks off her open toe high heel shoes. She assumes a better batter's stance now. Her swing is now more compact and she strikes two of the last five balls. After twenty pitches, Ami has a batting average of .100 but she was very creative in improving her swing as the batting practice progressed. Amu looks very cute and pumps her fist in the air as she strikes the very last ball the pitching machine throws at her.


Scene 4:  You take Ami to another part of the amusement park now. There is a basketball machine and Ami tries her hand at hoops. Ami attempted 20 shots and got 7 baskets for a shooting percentage of .350. As Ami is jumping up and down in her high heels shooting baskets, you get creative with the camcorder and attempt some upskirt shots but because it is dark in the basketball area, not much is seen. Ami looks very happy with a lot of smiling, laughing and giggling. The idea to take her to the amusement park for a date was a good one.


Scene 5:  We now go to a photo booth. You and Ami strike various cute poses for some photos together. Being with such a pretty girl has gotten your hormones raging. You start to touch her breasts for some photos before convincing Ami to part her fur coat, lift up the white sweater, reveal her pink bra and take some pictures like that. You cup Ami's bra covered breasts and bounce them up and down as more pictures are taken.


Scene 6:  You take Ami back to your apartment and the scene starts with Ami sitting on your white leather couch. She has taken off her fur coat and shoes. The two of you chat. You show Ami some of your Japanese AV DVD movies on your giant LCD television. Ami looks mildly shocked and her hands quickly cover the hem of her skirt. You convince her that making an home movie is fun. You quickly move in, unbutton her cardigan and slide it off. You play with her breasts on the outside of her sweater before lifting her sweater up to reveal her pink bra. You place your hands on her bra and continue to massage her breasts. You take off the sweater and bra to play with her bare breasts. You are having a great time. Ami has large breasts and you grope them for a significant amount of time as she watches you play. You take out an egg vibrator, use it to simulate her bare breasts before sliding her skirt off, ripping a hole open at the crotch of her skin tone pantyhose and pressing the vibrator up against her shiny satin panties. Wanting more, you slide the vibrator inside her panties and let it stimulate her for a while. Ami looks on passively. You lie down on the bed, naked. Ami comes over and automatically uses her mouth to orally stimulate your rod. When your rod is good and stimulated, you lie Ami down on the bed and copulate with her in three different positions before pulling your rod out and exploding all over Ami's behind.


Scene 7:  It is night time now. Ami is wearing her fur coat with a pair of sandals. The two of you are in a private booth aboard a ferris wheel. While in the sky, you open up Ami's fur coat to reveal a black negligee and matching panties. You rub her behind, play with her panties and rub her breasts through the negligee all while aboard the ferris wheel booth with large windows overlooking the city of Fukuoka.


Scene 8:  Back in the hotel room, we see Ami with her coat off, wearing just the black negligee. She is on her knees and using her hand and mouth to vigorously stimulate your rod. You run out of energy quickly and Ami sits down on a stuffed sofa and relaxes.


Scene 9:  Ami goes into the bathroom and changes from her black outfit into a purple open front, open bottom outfit designed for easy access. You blindfold her, massage her exposed breasts and kiss her between her legs with her legs spread wide apart. You use three different types of vibrators on Ami to stimulate her before the two of you get on a bed and once again, she uses her mouth to orally stimulate your rejuvenated rod. The two of you copulate in four different positions before attempting a fifth copulation position that requires a significant amount of gymnastics ability on Ami's behalf. When you run out of energy, you explode all over Ami's face.


Reviewed by  hunklee10001




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