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 Endless Cleaning Fellatio

 with Alice Miyuki




Alice Miyuki is one of the most glamorous women in JAV and really has the complete package; a slim supermodel body and a classically beautiful face that can make a guy hard with just a smile. This film series focusses on pretty women who love to suck guys off and make them cum more than once within a short period of time (hence the "endless" reference of the title). Alice asks the guys what they want from oral sex and bends over backwards (sometimes literally!) to give them everything they can dream of. The film has very high production values, such as wide-screen format and high quality sets, wardrobe and lighting that really emphasises Alice's elegance and class. Many of her scenes intitially feature her fully clothed and her pretty blouses and dresses makes the oral sex even better.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Endless Cleaning Fellatio


 Alice Miyuki



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 December 11, 2016








 activities: anal play(anaru)

 activities: ass licking

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 breast related: breast play(oppaifechi)

 orgasm related: facial

 angles/type: interview

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: lingerie



Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio
Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio Alice Miyuki in Endless Cleaning Fellatio


Alice Miyuki

Scene 1:  Alice is fully clothed as she interviewed as three guys jerk themselves off in front of her. She studies the first guy's masturbation technique before watching him cum. She sweetly sucks the semen from his cock and asks him how he likes to be sucked off. Alice is a fast learner because she gives the second guy a hand job and he cums in about ten seconds. She also sucks the guy's cock while looking longingly at the camera. The third guy gets the full blowjob and the POV perspective looks great before Alice moves to another guy and works on his cock as well. The fourth guy wants more than a blowjob and kisses Alice before taking off her dress and sucking on her magnificent tits. She spreads her legs and he rubs her stiffening clit through her pink satin panties. The guy rips off her panties and sucks on her pussy from behind as Alice offers up her ass for his pleasure. He finger fucks her to orgasm and makes her lick her juice from his hand. Alice smiles gratefully and briefly sucks the guy before he skewers her hot pussy meat with his swollen cock. He bangs her hard front and back before Alice rides him cowgirl style to give us a great view of her near perfect figure. They move to a 69 as she looks seductively at the camera before the guy eventually unloads into her eager mouth. Alice looks particularly beautiful with semen dripping from her chin as the camera pans back to savour her magnificent body.


Scene 2:  Alice is interviewed outside on a street before moving inside to a spacious apartment. She talks to a guy about sex techniques before they start to kiss and then she moves straight to his stiffening cock. Alice gently runs her tongue along the underside of his shaft and playfully flicks to tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue. The guy undresses her and sucks her tits and rubs her clit as Alice continues to masturbate the guy with her hand. She gets on all fours and the guy continues to work on her cunt from behind as her firm ass is again offered for our viewing pleasure. Alice's pussy must taste good because the guy can't seem to get enough of her juice. He finger fucks her to orgasm until her cunt and thighs are a big creamy mess. Alice is again grateful and makes the guy lie back so she can impale herself on his rock hard shaft. The soft lighting accentuates Alice's luminous skin as she extends her hips and back in a reverse cowgirl position before the guy humps her hard doggy style. The guy continues to fuck her hard from the front and eventually unloads into her mouth. Alice insists on continuing to suck him and jokes with him that she can make him cum again. The lucky guy can't believe his luck and actually looks to get the director's approval before he fucks her again and once more cums on her face with another big load of semen. Alice again laughs and sucks his cock and wants to continue fucking but the guy has had enough and quickly moves out of shot. If only all women were this insatiable!


Scene 3:  The next scene is pure POV as Alice gently sucks a guy's cock while looking and talking directly to camera (similar to the venerable FOR YOUR MASTURBABTION series). The lighting is again soft and sensual and Alice looks stunning in a beatiful white blouse which shows off her ample cleavage. She sucks and jerks the guy's cock and practically wills him to cum with her pretty face and dark bedroom eyes. When the guy blows his load its as though she cums as well and she licks the semen from his cock like an angel from fellatio heaven. She is not satisfied with just one ejeculation and makes him cum again before gently kissing his spent penis to end the scene.


Scene 4:  Alice chats to a guy about oral sex before they kiss passionately and feel each other up. She takes the lead and sucks on his nipples while stroking his cock with her hand. Alice licks his ears and neck before pulling down his pants and wrapping her lips around his swollen cock. She really treats him to a nice blowjob and happily follows the guy's suggestions about licking the sensitive tip of his penis and massaging his balls. Alice really goes the extra mile when she gets the guy to bend over and so she can stick her tongue up his asshole while jerking him off. The very idea of a stunningly beautiful woman like Alice sticking her tongue up my ass almost makes me cum just thinking about it! Anyway, the guy resists the urge to ejeculate and undresses Alice so he can spread her legs and lick out her cunt. She moans with pleasure as his tongue flicks over her stiffening clit. He bends her right over and returns the favour by licking the sensitive spot between her pussy and asshole. Preliminaries aside, he fills her cunt with his cock and makes her tits bounce wickedly with each stroke. Alice sucks him off again before he enters her from behind and slaps hard against her firm ass cheeks and creamy thighs. Alice again enjoys the cowgirl position and we enjoy having such a great view of her supermodel body as it is pounded by hard cock. She continues to alternate between short bursts of fucking and cock sucking complete with passionate facial expressions to really get the guy up for all the action. He finally nails her and blows a big load of semen over her beautiful face. Alice continues sucking and tries to get him to cum again despite being practically blinded by semen in her eyes. In lovely touch that indicates, as far as I know, the unique way in which the guys in JAV show so much respect and concern for the welfare of the girls, the guy rushes off shot to grab some tissues and returns to wipe her face and apologise sincerely for accidently shooting semen into her eyes. Alice wipes her face and smiles radiantly to camera to end a well produced and gently erotic feature film.


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