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 Forbidden Dream

 with Nana UsamiUta KohakuYui Kasugano




The movie is very taboo in just what is says, "Forbidden Dream". This movie has two segments in it with two different dads and offsprings. Each see their budding offsprings revealing panty shots around the house. This is too much for them and they end up peeping on them and getting baths from their offsprings. Curiosity abounds in these households and younger offsprings wonder how it is to have sex. The second half of the movies is best, although the first doesn't disappoint! Watch as hairless teens in nighties reveal more than their curiosity sucking and fucking like a pro, while keeping it hidden from mom. Get naked like I did, sit back and relax as you see some of the better sex scenes from such a taboo subject. You'll be sure to lose your load more than once! [more..]


 Video Title

 Forbidden Dream


 Nana Usami

 Uta Kohaku

 Yui Kasugano



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 January 26, 2017








 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 pussy related: shaved pussy(paipan)

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: internal cumshot(nakadashi)

 angles/type: story based

 angles/type: upskirt(panchira)

 costumes/apparel: lingerie



Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream
Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream Nana Usami in Forbidden Dream


Nana Usami

Uta Kohaku

Yui Kasugano

Scene 1:  We see our dad coming back from another boring day from his job at the nuclear power plant. At home, his offspring are home, one reading a magazine on the couch with her panties exposed. Mom is home cooking and cleaning up. She has to run errands and leaves. The dad is in a great spot on the couch and watched his offspring twist and turn reading her Bejean magazine as her ass looks great. The mom tells Junko to go and wash the shower, soon after dad follows. He sees her bending over and gets an immediate erection! he offspring tells him why doesn't he take a shower and the dad accidentally rubs his stiff cock on his offspring. As he is getting his offspring wet, the mom comes home and almost busts them out! The offspring covers for him saying he is napping.


Scene 2:  That night he sees Junko stretching in the living room and offers to bend her to help her stretch, He is rock hard seeing his offspring and can't help himself as he starts dry humping her. They then start kissing and he takes her back to her bed and starts fucking her much to her chagrin. She does not enjoy it too much and then cummed on.


Scene 3:  The next morning little Mina is hoovering and we get to see a lot of panty shots, as does the dad. The mom announces she has to go shopping again. Mina sneeks in her boyfriend and the start kissing on her bed as she gives some pretty good head. The dad notices and watches for a while as she sucks and then gets naked. She mounts her boyfriend but he comes too soon! Mina is disappointed because she really wanted and is very curious about sex. The dad is delighted since she is pretty horny and sad that she wasn't fucked. The dad asks if she wants a cock and she of course says yes, and unlike her sister, she is a little more into having sex with her dad. He dry humps her. Junko comes home and dad quickly runs back to his room. She leaves and dad comes back out kissing her. The offspring is now reaching for his cock and the mutual attraction starts. The dad removes her panties and starts fingering her. He paces his cock in her face and she reluctantly start sucking. The y move to the living room couch so they have room to spread out and fuck. He goes down on her and face fucks her. He enters his offspring from behind and is now full fledge fucking his kin. She mounts and horse rides him, they move back to his room and she spreads her legs revealing a surprisingly hairy pussy for an 18 year old. He spews all over her chin.


Scene 4:  The next scene is another scenario with the dad sickly and watching his offsprings up skirts. One of the girls comes in to wipe him down, revealing panty shots. One girl goes downstairs and get the boyfriend of the girl cleaning her dad. The other offspring starts to clean her dad as her sister goes into her room with her boyfriend and 69's him.


Scene 5:  Sayaka in the meanwhile has to bathe her dad. She puts on cute pink tights revealing a nice camel toe and turns her back as her dad gets undressed. Her dad gets a nice erection and she turns around to wash it, albeit reluctantly. He rubs it against her pussy. Meanwhile, Nana leaves her boyfriend for a while to make sure her dad won't disturb them.


Scene 6:  Sayaka, so curious about sex, gets up in the middle of the night to peep on her sister Nana, having sex with her boyfriend. She is in a cute little pink nighty, which is very appropriate for her age, nothing too sexy. She sneaks up and opens her sisters door, revealing her Nana in a sheer white nighty giving her boyfriend a very nice sloppy wet head job. Nana is definitely more experience in sex and what makes this such a hot scene is that who could imagine Nana would put on such a nasty night in her own house to fuck this lucky guy? I love it! She watches as her sister jacks him off to cum. She gets cum all over her nighty! Sayaka is overwhelmed as she sees cum for the first time. She slowly goes back to her parents room to get some rest. Her dad asks why she can't rest. She said se is scared and her dad invites her to lay next to her. He caresses her as mom naps next to them, unawares.


Scene 7:  Dad immediately starts to fondle her under her nighty. She checks on mom to make sure she is out, he dry humps her and them she gives him head for the first time in her life. She asks to 69 since she saw her sister doing it, and her asshole is exposed as her dad licks her pussy. He enters her as she rides him cowgirl style. Next she mounts him reverse cowgirl exposing her nice hairless pussy. They are slapping skin together and she is moaning and mom almost wakes up! Next we see Sayaka wake up to get water, but she hears her sister. She opens her parents door and see her sister fucking dad next to mom! Sayaka looks hot in her sheer nighty. It's great to see these young girls in such revealing nighties. Nana finishes her dad off with head. He explodes in her mouth and tastes cum for the first time. They both rest.


Scene 8:  The next morning, Sayaka is now teasing her dad, hoovering with panty shots all over and wearing a tank top with no bra, it's nice that she is wearing a g-string from her panty collection. She asks her dad if he wants to get up for a bath and then she bends over in front of him. She undresses him, removing his pants in nothing but underwear. She asks him to strip down and his erection snaps onto his chest! She starts rubbing his cock knowing that he's up to fuck. She moves closer and they start kissing. He squeezes her ass all the while. She bends over and the dad pushes his cock onto her bottom. They start kissing as she gives him head. She reverse cowgirls him revealing another nice hairless pussy. She accidentally squirts on the floor and is embarrassed. She humps some more and keeps squirting. The dad drops a nice load on her chest. She sucks his cum.


Reviewed by  641996




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