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 Best Hit Fuck Virgin

 with Rio Kitajima




Kitajima is certainly a AV actress that would blow your mind and er...cock as well with her amazing performances. In this movie, she has so much to offer, it's just like a sex journey documentary with Kitajima experiencing sex with various sex partners that includes blowjob, group fucking, one on one fucking and even vibrator, this is one u don't wanna miss! She has a very innocent face yet she brings so much of energy and joy in her movies, she has a pair of very small nipples, cute face and white skin. What matter the most is that she sure has a great vocal, well, i mean she sure has a sexy moan, she has proved herself over and over again by moaning so loud that any male could hardly stand when fucking her! [more..]


 Video Title

 Best Hit Fuck Virgin


 Rio Kitajima



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 Date Added

 June 2, 2005

 Date Updated

 December 14, 2011








 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: public sex


 Highly Recommended



Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin
Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin Rio Kitajima in Best Hit Fuck Virgin


Rio Kitajima

Scene 1:  The movie takes off with Kitajima and a guy chatting on a bed, then they start kissing and the guy start to take her clothes off. Follow by that, we get to see her firm boobs when the guy starts to arouse her by licking her tiny little nipples, fingering and licking her juicy pussy. After the foreplay, Kitajima sucks his cock passionately. After a few minutes, he put his rod into her pussy and starts to give her a missionairy position. The scene ends as he wil cum into Kitajima innocent face.


Scene 2:  Scene starts off with Kitajima arousing herself with an egg vibrator. Later, a guy seems to asking her which part of her pussy aroused easily then proceed by fingering her, which of course she really loves it by moaning crazily!


Scene 3:  Guy start off with eating her wet pussy and fingering, she then cant wait to perform a blowjob on him while fingering herself, what a view! The guy cant wait no more by giving her a doggie, she then turn around and ride on him, well, she certainly can ride. It ends with the guy cum on her face.


Scene 4:  The scene begins with Kitajima pleasuring two guys by taking two cocks and suck them real hard! The two guy then lick her nipple, follow by licking her pussy. After that she continue to blow two cocks with her little mouth, then a guy doggie her while she blows another partner cock. The guy then cum on her breasts, another partner follow on leave her no time to rest, then finally cum on her face!


Scene 5:  This is a very interesting session with the scene kicks off with a macho guy performing some acrobatics stuff with her which includes licking Kitajima's pussy by lifting her up on his head, amazing! Then he fondle her breast on her bed. He's kissing her nipple, and sucking on it very hard. He then approaches her pussy - he's fingering her, fucking her on top, she moans very loudly, she is moaning and wants more and more.


Scene 6:  This scene starts with a guy using a dildo to pleasure her pussy on red sofa. The scene then switch to Kitajima giving his partner a tremendous blowjob!


Scene 7:  She's in a sports outfit, short top and pants in this scene! Her partner finger her, where she blow him so hard to return his favour! After a while, she takes her pant off, he finger her again and she's enjoying it by moaning loudly, the guy can't stand it and cum on her body!


Scene 8:  The scene starts with Kitajima was given an egg vibrator by her partner, they then took it out to the street and test it with the vibrator still in her pussy! Later, they are back in the room again, talk for a while, she looks shy then start kissing. She undress him, grabbing and blow his hard cock. After a while, the guy took off her clothes and kiss her nipple and finger her. She then spread her pussy and pleasuring herself, the guy kiss her nipple again and lick her pussy with his tounge. He then finger her till she cums with so much love liquid coming outta her pussy! Ought to see that! Finally, he fucks her in various positions!


Scene 9:  The final scene takes part in the woods!She was naked and her photo was taken in various positions! Later a guy comes by starts fingering her till comes again, with the camera close up of her love liquid dripping out from here pussy! Finally the guy begins by arousing her by licking both her boobs and pussy, follow by fucking her with various positions in the woods! What a pleasure view!


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