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 Obscene Treat

 with Rio Kitajima




Rio Kitajima has one of the most gorgeous bodies I have ever seen. She has really fair skin, with beautiful hair. Her body is very slim with small perky soft breasts, and a nice ass. This movie only had four sex scenes however, they are very good in that in everyone there was little variety in each one. Although it was straightforward sex Rio really works the camera and with her beauty trully wins over the viewer. If you didn't know about her before watch this movie and you shall see her beauty up close.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Obscene Treat


 Rio Kitajima



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 November 16, 2005

 Date Updated

 August 5, 2011








 type of sex: group sex


 Highly Recommended



Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat
Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat Rio Kitajima in Obscene Treat


Rio Kitajima

Scene 1:  Rio is talking in the background and it seems that she is paying respects to someone that has pasted on. From the first facial shot, we can see how beautiful this gril really is. Beautiful long hair, nice big eyes, and a great smile. Even just wearing an ordinary outfit, she really makes it look sexy. Rio walks into a house and has a conversation with a man. She is now sitting in a room with a blindfold over her eyes. A man walks in with a banana and asks her to discribe what it is with the blindfold on. The next part is funny because a man takes his cock out and asks her what it could be. She grabs it and takes a taste and finally figures out what it is she is holding. Now she has two exposed cocks in her hands and she sucks them both one after another. She keeps on sucking until they both nut inside her mouth. She is so damn sexy because after she takes it in her mouth she swallows like there is no problem at all.


Scene 2:  Rio walks downstairs and takes a shower. While taking a shower a man with a chef hat walks in and starts to suck on her breasts. He licks her wet body up and down, front and back. He sets her on the sauna bench and eats her out. Rio has one of the nicest breasts I have ever seen, not to big, and just perfect for one handful. She also has gorgeous nipples that get erect very quickly. He has her bent over and he primes her pussy up with his fingers. He fingers her really fast from behind and shows his wet hands to Rio. He takes out his cock and has Rio suck it for him. He makes her bend forward and does Rio doggystyle. What makes this scene funny is that he has the chef hat on the whole time, so when the camera pans out it looks really interesting. He sets her back down on the bench and fucks her standing up. She gets up on top of the chef and rides his cock. He gets her doggystyle again until he takes it out and nuts on her very nice ass.


Scene 3:  Rio is sitting at the table eating, with two hands touching her legs underneath. They get there fingers inside of her panties and start to tease her. She forgets the food and is bent back in her seat with the men fingering her. They tag team her pussy with there fingers one on her clit and another inside her until Rio has an orgasm.


Scene 4:  Rio enters a room with a man that is bound up from head to toe. Rio has on a cute nighty and adorable white panties. She begins to tease the man by pinching his nipples and stractching his privates. She spanks him and takes out his cock to give him alittle oral. The scene is in a poorly lit room with disco lights in the background. She climbs back on top of the man without her panties and now she is in a 69 position. We get a great look at her ass, and she has such a soft milky white ass. The man is not restricted anymore and has Rio on her back kissing and licking her body. He's in the doggystyle eating her out and fingering her. He makes her masturbate and play with herself as he touches her breasts. He has Rio next in butterfly position rapidly fingering her. I really like this position, because you can see her beautiful slim body in a great angle. She sucks his cock and gets him hard, so he can insert it inside her. He pulls her legs back and does her missionary, until he pulls her up and has her ride his cock. He turns her around and holds her arms and does doggystyle until he comes on her face and chest.


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