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 Busty High School Girl

 with Koharu




Koharu is a very cute model, as cute as the picture on the cover promises. Her body is tight and shapely, but there is little question that her best feature is her massive tits. Her breasts are soft and supple, and every scene features them prominently as they are played with, or are bouncing around wildly. She enjoys what she is doing, as evidenced by her regular vocals. She excels at titty fucking, and this is the crown jewel of almost every scene. [more..]


 Video Title

 Busty High School Girl





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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 March 1, 2006

 Date Updated

 December 23, 2011








 costumes/apparel: nurse(naasu)

 costumes/apparel: teacher(sensei)



Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl
Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl Koharu in Busty High School Girl



Scene 1:  Koharu opens this scene in a sexy grey business suit as she passes out an assignment to her students. Now she comes right up to the camera, and talks one of the students into rubbing her tits through her purple blouse. Koharu unbottons her blouse, exposing some very sexy cleavage. Now her top is pulled back, revealing the big white bra that is still hiding her massive tits. She finally stops teasing us and unleashes her beautiful breasts. Her nipples are being squeezed and pulled, making them very erect. The student continues to caress her breasts as she pulls his cock out and begins to play with it. We get a lot of great shots of her big soft tits getting squeezed and squished as the student plays with them. Awesome stuff! Koharu goes down and starts to blow the student, and then pulls back and titty fucks him. She titty fucks him vigorously for several minutes, and he eventually cums all over her tits.


Scene 2:  Koharu is wearing a pink nurse outfit as she pulls back the curtain on her male patient. She quickly leans forward and begins licking the man's tongue. She quickly exposes her huge tits and rubs them in his face, and against the cameral lens, suqishing her big nipples against it. Koharu is now playing with her breasts, as though she is trying to get some milk out of her big nipples. Now she is rubbing her tits on the patient, talking enticingly to the camera the entire time. She pulls his dick out and strokes it while rubbing her tits on it. Now we get some closeup shots of her pussy and asshole from behind, and the censoring is very, very light at this point. Koharu is now titty fucking her patient, talking to him while she rubs her massive boobs up and down on his dick. The patient cums all over her awesome tits as well.


Scene 3:  Koharu is wearing her business suit again, this time in an interview with an obviously important man. He quickly comes over to her and begins caressing her legs, face, and chest. Koharu removes her suit top and pulls her blouse away, showing that she isn't wearing a bra beneath. The man finishes unbuttoning the blouse, exposing her big tits. The man plays with her big titties from behind, pulliing them up and letting them drop, and bouncing them up and down. Koharu climbs on top of him and shakes her tits in his face as he licks and sucks her nipples. Koharu is now laying on her back, titty fucking the guy. She finally lets us see her get fucked as she climbs on top of him and fucks him hard. Her tits bounce all over the place as she moans and groans loudly. Koharu now leans forward on the couch and he fucks her hard from behind as we get to watch her boobs bounce all over the place from below. The scene finishes up as he does her missionary style, playing with her tits the whole time, and cumming all over her chest.


Scene 4:  Koharu is wearing a pink track outfit as she makes her way to the gym to workout. Once she gets there she gets distracted by her own massive tits as she starts to caress them through her sports bra. She pulls her tits out of the bra and continues playing with them while she rubs a pink vibrator against her pussy. She takes off her clothes and lies back, moaning and groaning as she goes to work with the vibrator. She stuffs the little pink vibrator deep in her pussy and then uses a massive, industrial strength, vibrator and plays with her pussy again. She cums all over the floor as she moans uncontrollably.


Scene 5:  Koharu goes to work, wearing a black and white business suit. Her co-worker shows her a 'bunny maid' costume her bought for her to wear, and Koharu is more than willing to strip down and change into it. Her co-worker is obviously excited, so Koharu takes the costume top off and lets him lick and suck her big titties. Now she is on her knees, rubbing her big tits on his dick. She is titty fucking him, smiling and talking directly at the camera. The scene finishes as he blows his load all over her tits.


Scene 6:  Koharu is dressed as a teenager with glasses, talking with a man. The pair quickly begin to kiss deeply. He removes her top, exposing a yellow bra that hardly seems big enough to contain her big tits. He shakes her tits back and forth, playing with them through the bra. He lays back and Koharu rubs gel on her tits and then rubs them all over his body. Now she is laying back and they are pouring the gel all over her body as he plays with her pussy and she caresses her breasts. Now he is fucking her with a dildo as she moans and groans loudly. Koharu is now rubbing her tits on his dick, and titty fucking him excitedly. He cums all over her big tits, but the scene does not end as she climbs on top of him and starts fucking him. We get some great closeup shots of her tits bouncing up and down as she rides him. Now he is doing her missionary style, and we are treated to more shots of her fantastic tits bouncing back and forth. Koharu is moaning and groaning the entire time, and you really get the sense that she loves her job. The scene closes as he pulls out and blows his wad on her tits and in her mouth where she happily swallowsit down.


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