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 Black Man Sex

 with Izumi Hasegawa




How do you say no to a movie with a hot chick like Izumi and a title like Black Man Sex?! Izumi looks great in this and is not shy in giving or taking any and all cock. What more, there's some short and good behind-the-scene video showing Izumi's impression after each individual scene she had done. It's a great watch, definately a movie that you MUST download!  [more..]


 Video Title

 Black Man Sex


 Izumi Hasegawa



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 March 18, 2006

 Date Updated

 February 23, 2012








 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: interracial

 activities: anal play(anaru)

 orgasm related: facial


 Highly Recommended



Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex
Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex Izumi Hasegawa in Black Man Sex


Izumi Hasegawa

Scene 1:  After about 5 minutes' past preview films done by Izumi, rock music starts the scene as we see Izumi dancing together in disco with 4 black guys whom are touching her all over her body. The scene switches as she try to introduce herself in simple english and answers some questions. The scene switches once again, and now the black guy is sitting on the sofa whom later Izumi enters the scene to join him. They start to make out with Izumi asking the black guy "Can she kiss him?". They start kissing. She licks on the dude's chest for a while before stroking his cock till he is rock hard. Izumi begins sucking and licking his cock with great gusto. He finally shoots his load into her mouth and she played with his cum with her mouth and hands.


Scene 2:  They get into the action immediately when the scene switches as they start out with a little kissing follow by sucking on her ample tits. Her pussy is his next target. After a good feel of Izumi's pussy, she sticks her cunt at his face and let him eat and play her delicious pussy till she cums.


Scene 3:  The scene starts off with Izumi sitting on the bed half naked. A black guy appears and they started to kiss for a while. Soon he goes to work on her pussy. She spreads wide as his tongue goes to work on her twat. Izumi moans as his tongue is pushed in between her lips. She is wet. They change to 69 position before she rides him cowgirl. Izumi moans loudly as his head contacts the back of her pussy. Her panting and moans gets louder as her pussy is stuffed full with his cock. Izumi gets pounded in several positions before he cums in her mouth. Looking shyly into the camera Izumi plays with his cum and eventually bring the scene to an end.


Scene 4:  We see her in a black bikini outfit in a dingy room. The black man is kept on a cage and soon, Izumi then leads him out of the cage through the usage of a chain. The black guy is then positioned in the doggy position, lying with his hands and legs cuffed. She sexually punishes her man by asking him to suck on a dildo tied on her waist and occasionly instructing him to give her nipples some tender loving care. Feeling unsatisfied with what she had done, she applys some lubricant on his ass before inserting the 'tied dildo' on her waist into him. Moments later, she take his cock out and uses her hands to get the guy to shoot his load in her hand which later she spits his load onto her hand and licks it back up.


Scene 5:  Hot 3P action is up in the last scene. One black guy will start work on Izumi's tits first while the other focuses his attention on her feet. Soon, one will work on her pussy while in the mean time, the other guy will stuff his cock in her mouth for a blowjob. Then Izumi gets banged in missionary, later to cowboy follow by various positions. At the same time, Izumi still blows the other guy till he spreads his load on her face while the other does the same.


Scene 6:  Don't go away yet! After asking Izumi thoughts of being a star in this interracial sex, we get one more bonus scene of naughty Izumi eating off and playing yet another black guy's cum. Now, the movie is officially done with some movie preview done by Moodyz.


Reviewed by  JapLover



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