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 Titty Blast Thin Mosaic

 with Koharu




Koharu titfucks her way through seven sex scenes in this breast filled flick. Lots of breastplay along with some spermplay and cumeating. Koharu has a cute innocent look but her body was made to drive men crazy with big (but not oversized) breasts and a smile that will melt your heart.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Titty Blast Thin Mosaic





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 Date Added

 May 13, 2006

 Date Updated

 January 2, 2012








 breast related: big breasts

 orgasm related: facial

 costumes/apparel: maid(meido)

 costumes/apparel: office lady(oh-el)



Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic
Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic Koharu in Titty Blast Thin Mosaic



Scene 1:  Koharu plays with her breasts. A lifelike dildo appears and she spits on it. She sticks the sex toy in her cleavage and pretends to titfuck it. The toy is replaced by a real dick and she continues to tease it. The cock spurts its load between her tits and Koharu scoops it up in her hands. She puts some of the goop in her mouth and swallows it.


Scene 2:  A short interlude shows Koharu's tits fondled by 2 pairs of hands , 1 pair per breast. Then we see Koharu dressed in a swimsuit with her coach. He caresses her jugs then cuts out a large circle on the front of her swimsuit, partially revealing her mams. He rubs oil over her breasts, kneading and massaging them. Then Koharu gets on her knees and fellates him. He has her lay on her back and he titfucks her (with her swimsuit still on). The he lays back and she strokes his dick with her tits. He climaxes in her hands and he makes her eat some of his load.


Scene 3:  Another tease interlude, this time Koharu's nipples are caressed with a couple of mini-vibrators. Next we see a reclining Koharu dressed in a red fishnet top and hose masturbating with a vibrator. Then she gets some live assistance from a man who eats her pussy. She returns the favor by sucking his pole (nicely shot in POV style). This is followed by some titfucking. Then they do some actual fucking. He fucks her in missionary, she rides him, back to mish then he cums on her breasts. She picks up his small jizzwad and eats it.


Scene 4:  The next tease interlude shows Koharu's tits painted with gel. Koharu is dressed in a frilly maid outfit. A man roughly gropes her tits. Then he uses a pair of paintbrushes(?) to caress her breasts, followed by a silver bullet vibrator. Koharu uses the vibe on her clit as he goes back to old-fashioned hand-to-mam style titty juggling. He binds her arms and breasts and teases her pussy with the vibrator. He produces a jellycock and fucks her with that. A few more tricks with toys then she is untied. She polishes his knob expertly and he blows his wad on her tits. Again she uses it for a salty snack.


Scene 5:  Koharu is a secretary. Her co-worker plays with her ample assets then she gives him head. He spurts his cum between her tits which she obligingly scarfs down. Or at least that's what the guy was dreaming befor Koharu woke him up.


Scene 6:  The final scene follow the same formula, but there is a great deal more fucking to go along with all the breastplay. Again a titty blast cumshot is devoured by Koharu.


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