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 W Cast

 with Rio KitajimaYou Kitajima




While it's always nice to find a JAV with one nice girl, it's even better to find a JAV with TWO great girls! In this movie, you will see the two girls in all sorts of great scenes, the majority of them threesomes, every guy's fantasy! [more..]


 Video Title

 W Cast


 Rio Kitajima

 You Kitajima



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 June 17, 2006

 Date Updated

 January 13, 2012








 type of sex: group sex

 orgasm related: facial

 costumes/apparel: maid(meido)

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)



Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast
Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast Rio Kitajima in W Cast


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Rio Kitajima

You Kitajima

Scene 1:  The movie starts with the two girls dressed in schoolgirl uniforms undressing. They giggle very cutely as they strip off their skirts and panties. Soon they are feeling each other's pussies and using a vibrator to pleasure each other. The scene ends when both of them are satisfied.


Scene 2:  The second scene begins with one of the girls, Yuria, kissing some dude inside a classroom setting, though she is not dressed in uniform. Meanwhile, the other girl, Rio, stands by and watches. After some extended foreplay, she gives him a nice blowjob before the guy puts her on her back and returns the favor. The two then begin fucking while Rio watches intently, even grasping her friend's hand, until finally the guy pulls out and cums on Yuria's chin.


Scene 3:  Now it's Rio's turn in the classroom. She is pleasured with a vibrator until the guy lets her suck on his dick. She gives a great blowjob as she jerks him off until he cums onto her mouth and tongue. Very nice.


Scene 4:  Rio is now laying in bed. Her male partner begins fingering her intensely as her clothes are stripped off and then begins fucking her. They go through several positions before he finishes on her mouth.


Scene 5:  Dressed in bikinis, the two girls are now on the bed with some homely looking guy. They blindfold him and begin to play around with him, taking turns sucking on his dick until he finishes.


Scene 6:  This time, the two girls are once again together, but with a cooler guy. Dressed in nightgowns, they fondly observe the guy's penis which is clothed in some sort of sleeve cut out of his briefs. They take turns licking it and sucking it before they all get naked and begin having a great threesome fuck session.


Scene 7:  Dressed in bikinis, Yuria and Rio rub themselves with baby oil. Afterwards, they encounter a prosthetic penis and begin playing around with it, stroking it, licking it, and sucking on it. Their curiousity continues until they mount it and begin fucking it. They both continue this until they are satisfied.


Scene 8:  In the next scene, the two are sitting on the couch naked with cream on their vaginas and being teased with paintbrushes. Soon, massagers appear and are used to fill the girls with ecstasy. Next, they jack off a blindfolded man until he cums.


Scene 9:  Dressed in maid outfits, the two girls now tend to a man's needs. Stripping off their clothes to reveal their womanhood, they pleasure the man by sucking on his cock and letting him have his way with them. Soon, the guy begins fucking the two girls until he eventually cums. After splattering his cum on Rio's tongue and Yuria's chest, Rio licks up the cum from Yuria's titties.


Scene 10:  There are a couple more scenes involving both girls and some lucky guys. They are not to be missed!


Reviewed by  mvick7



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