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 Wild Thing X 61

 with Yuna MomoseRamu Himemiya




This is a very hot movie for Ramu Himemiya. She just never stops. Yuna becomes much more active in her last scene, this may be due to necesscity of the plot.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Wild Thing X 61


 Yuna Momose

 Ramu Himemiya



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 November 1, 2006

 Date Updated

 December 11, 2011








 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: lesbianism(rezubian)

 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 orgasm related: facial

 props: blindfold

 props: leash

 costumes/apparel: lingerie


 Highly Recommended



Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61
Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61 Yuna Momose in Wild Thing X 61


Yuna Momose

Ramu Himemiya

Scene 1:  The scene starts off with Yuna's hands and feet all chained to floor. Ramu comes over and starts to rub her breast. The scene ends and the title flashes.


Scene 2:  Yuna appears in a dimly light dark alley dressed in white. Shen then faints. When she wakes up, she is blind folded and Ramu is walking her around with her neck in chains. A guy joins the party of three. After Ramu removes Yuna's blind fold, Yuna proceeds to lick the guy all over with her tounge while Ramu gives Yuna a good rub. Yuna gives the guy a blow job under Ramu's supervision. After the BJ, Yuna gets a good pussy hand job. Yuna starts the ride the guy and Ramu proceeds to sit on the guy's face while he is being fucked. Yuna and the guy alternates positions with Ramu basically fondles Yuna's breasts on the side. The scene ends with Yuna takes a face shot.


Scene 3:  The scene starts off with Yuna in the bath tub and Ramu comes in and starts to kiss her. They walks out the bath room into a room with two guys. After Ramu sits down in a chair, the two guys starts to kiss her all around while Yanu watches from the door. There are a lot of finger work by the guys and Yuna on herself. Two guys walks over and Yuna gives them a good BJ. Ramu joins the fun and she clearly enjoys the sucking part. The two pairs split up and there are some fondling of the pussies by the guys. Ramu and one of the guys does a 69 and Ramu licks the guys' ass hole. There are continues to be a lot of pussy kissing and breast fondling. This is a very long scene indeed. Both girls start to ride the guys. You will see that this is really hard work, Yuna is really tired out after humping the guy for ten minutes. This scene does everything in pairs. The position swapped to guys horse back riding style. Ramu is awesome and she still does Yuna at the same time she was being pumped. The scene now swtiches to missionary style for both Yuna and Ramu. Both guys dump their loads on Yuna's face with Ruma licks off the sperm off her skin.


Scene 4:  The scene starts with Yuna chained with her neck and handles a didlo in her own pussy. The camera moves away from the actress and you can see that is is actually taking place in an enclosed space near an open court yard. The scene ends with Yuna in ecstacy.


Scene 5:  Yuna walks in to a room looking a bit anxious in front a large matress. She starts fondle herself until two guys emerges from the back ground. The two guys suck Yuna's breasts and play with her pussy. Yuna proceeds to give the both of them a thorough blow job. Yuna is pretty good in this scene, while she juggles a dick in her mouth, she continues to ride the other guy. The two guys fuck Yuna one after another. Yuna takes two shots in her mouth.


Scene 6:  The scene jumps back to the second scene. Yuna appears on top of the stairs in black and appears to look at her previous self. The Yuna who was dressed in white drops while the Yuna in black looks on.


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