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 Group of Slutty Married Women

 with Amateur




Wow! What a nice concept to have SIX married women of varying looks show their sexual abilities! Two scenes are in the first peroffspring so it's like these mature ladies are banging you while the last scene is a good old-fashioned orgy. This film contains both big and small titted ladies; hairy, and shaved. There are also many scenes of the ladies getting it whilst half clothed and lots of pantyhose and lingerie. If you like seeing the married girl next door getting jack-hammered or just how nasty mature married women can be, definitely check this out. Older Japanese women are not a innocent as they look, well, at least not in this movie!  [more..]


 Video Title

 Group of Slutty Married Women





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 Date Added

 December 26, 2016

 Date Updated

 December 7, 2011








 type of sex: gangbang, reverse

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 props: oil and jelly

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: nurse(naasu)

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)



Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women
Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women Amateur in Group of Slutty Married Women



Scene 1:  The movie opens up with six married women ringing the doorbell of a house and introducing themselves with their names, occupations, and ages. They're all dressed in business casual with pantyhose and heels. All six women wouldn't make you turn your head on the street. Let's see if their sexual abilities will turn our heads!


Scene 2:  Since this movie is shot in first peroffspring, the next scene is all the women around a coffee talking to 'you' as if you're going to be the lucky bloke to fuck these women silly. Next they start going over a price list of items that they're trying to sell you as you look up their skirts and wonder what their nipples look like and if they're hairy or not. One lady starts to fondle herself, then the next thing you know, there's upskirt shots all over the place and the other women start feeling themselves. The lady finishes her sales pitch and they all get up to move the coffee table out of the way so the fuck fest can begin. They all come back and start to fondle you, liking your nipples and taking off your pants all the while giggling like schoolgirls. They take off your underwear and all of them fit your cock in their mouth to try it out. They continue to tag team your cock as they all strip to their bras and panties. One of them mounts you to get head and keeps her bra on as the other women suck your nipples and cock. Eventually the girl gets up so you can finger bang her making her cum. The next girl gets on top of you and she has an incredible hairy snatch with long pubic hair. She also has nice C cup titties. You reach into that forest and start fingering her as well as she takes it standing up. She eventually comes. Then another girl hops on top of you with a short trimmed pussy. Girl number three gets on top of you for the same who's a little more quiet as she gets fingered, but hops off early. Number 4 gets on you ans shows she can take a fingering like the best of them. This poor sod's fingers must be about to fall off! Number five gets on top and has the smallest titties of the group but is a screamer. Finally the last girl gets on him for a tittie squeeze and a licking.


Scene 3:  Now it's on to fucking, horse-riding style! Last in first out in this case, the one who had to wait the longest to get fingered is the first to get fucked. She starts grinding on you. I'm surprised no load has been shot yet, as I wouldn't have lasted past the sucking part. What's great to see is all the women looking at you as you lay pipe on these married women! After a while they change positions so you can be on your back and fuck more comfortably. Luckily, you get to fuck the one with the roundest and biggest tits first showing no mercy to the Mrs. Eventually you pull out and cum all over her neck. They all thank you for getting fucked and finger banged and frantically put their clothes back on.


Scene 4:  The next fantasy begins in a schoolroom, well we all know these women are to mature to be schoolgirls, so we can assume they are school secretaries. More fondling this time but they all get over you and show you their pussies, respectively. They all gather round, schoolhouse style, and get on their knees to suck you off. Playing nice, they all take turns sucking without getting over a fight. The girl in the blue bra is the lucky one to get plowed in this scene. She gets it from behind as she stands up with her hands on a desk. She eventually turns around to go piston-style on you, making noises as she does. The excitement is too much for her and there's a good few seconds where you hear nothing but her ass slapping up on your stomach! Nice! Once again, it's on her back to take the last mile of the pounding. The other ladies assist by holding her legs in the air for you. Eventually you pull out and splash your man-load all over her chin as she uses it for lip gloss.


Scene 5:  Now they play nurses all looking at you trying to diagnose you condition. Probably, blue-balled so they DO have a remedy for that luckily. They all take turns spitting on your cock. When that doesn't work, the homeliest one decides to mount you to see if she can break your 'fever'. They eventually all hop on you whilst pulling up their skirt. Since they still did not work, the only thing that has proven healing abilities at their hospital is good old fashioned tekoki. They all take turns jacking you off at a 'fever' pitch. Then one of them gets on top of you with a strap -on dildo? What does she plan with that? She sticks it into your mouth making you kiss it. As the girls pull your legs behind your ears she goes reverse-nanpa on you and plows the dildo into your arse! Eventually they go back to sucking your cock, luckily. Then more horse-style riding. She turns around to reverse herself and starts kissing one of the other ladies whilst getting it. The ugly one hops on, but ironically, she's the nastiest fuck in this scene. The other five girls see she's getting excited and help to get her off as you fuck her silly. Nothing but sounds of giggling and flesh slapping here! She hops off and then they tekoki you until you come on your abdomen.


Scene 6:  Next scene is a the same women but they're OLs on a lunch break having tea and eating sashimi. They're all dressed very nicely in skirts and sun dresses. They eventually roll the table out of the way and put down floor mats with blankets to get a good orgy fuck session in before having to return to work. I only wish my work place had those employee benefits! Three lucky sods come in to start the love session. They all pair up and lay the guys on their backs to suck, fuck, and jack off. There's a good shot of one of the ladies kissing a guy with her panties underneath her pantyhose. The girl in the black skirt tongues one of the guys asshole as his erect penis points straight down. As she does that, her partner jacks off the guys cock. The girl on the end spits into one guys ass. And the guy in the front get his hole fingered as well.


Scene 7:  Now they move into traditional fucking as the giggling stops and they start to get serious. As one girl sits on this guys face, the other one at the other end is sucking his cock feverishly! They all sort of mirror themselves with the sexual positions. There's a nice shot of the hairy pussied girl getting it while riding on top. Two men end up coming inside a condom as the other lucky guy is jacked off onto his stomach.


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