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 Sex on the Beach 11

 with Rio Kitajima




Rio Kitajima is a very sexy and seductive girl. In this title she perform several sex scenes at the beach. Sunsets, foursomes, blowjobs etc feature dominantly in this movie. [more..]


 Video Title

 Sex on the Beach 11


 Rio Kitajima



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 Date Added

 January 30, 2007

 Date Updated

 August 5, 2011








 type of sex: exhibitionism and voyeurism

 type of sex: gangbang

 type of sex: nature sex

 type of sex: public sex

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: athletic



Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11
Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11 Rio Kitajima in Sex on the Beach 11


Rio Kitajima

Scene 1:  The first major scene starts off with Rio dressed in a bright pink two piece swimming costume. She is sitting on top of a towel when a man approaches her. He rubs her naked breasts and then starts fingering her through the slits of her bikini bottoms. He runs a vibrator through her pussy hole and then fingers her again and again until she climaxes.


Scene 2:  Again we find Rio dressed in a two piece swimming costume, only this time its mustard yellow. A man walks behind her, rubs her breasts and then suckles on her nipples. He removes all her clothes and stands behind her, kissing her ear lobes while she strokes his shaft. She leans against a rock exposing her rear crack. The man immediately inserts his fingers into her behind and fingers her hole. Next, she blows her man before he enters her from behind. Rio mounts her man and they fuck in a variety of positions until he cums.


Scene 3:  Rio is showering and the camera follows her in. A man soon joins her and she begins stroking his erect penis. Soon, it finds its way in her warm mouth. She blows her man for several minutes until he sprays his load in her mouth. Cum dribbles down her tongue.


Scene 4:  A man is lying on the ground half naked. Rio climbs on top of him and lotions him all over. She pulls off his pants, strokes his joy stick as he kisses her erect nipples. She blows him and they begin tasting one another's privates in the 69 position. She strokes him as he fingers her hole. They engage in some serious fucking until he unloads on her breasts.


Scene 5:  We find Rio in the showers again. Only this time, she engages in some self indulgence and pleasures herself.


Scene 6:  Three men join Rio in the water. They grab hold of her and playfully throw her up in the air. Two of the men suck on her nipple cherries. Soon, she is completely naked and they hold her in the air as one of the men tongues her crack. Her pussy then gets fingered. Next, Rio tastes two cocks while the third man gropes her slender body. One of the men then penetrates her, as Rio gets preoccupied with giving more head to the other two. They alternate turns fucking her and then head back to the water.


Scene 7:  We find Rio accompanying a man at sunset. They undress one another and stroke each other's privates. The man plays with the slits of Rio's panties before removing them and tasting her rear crack. He fingers Rio, before feasting on her pussy. Rio then obliges by blowing him. They fuck one another and she blows dry his cum in her mouth.


Scene 8:  A very short behind the scenes look at the making of this movie.


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