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 with Hina Otsuka




Hina is a gorgeous girl with beautiful big eyes, erect milky nipples and perfectly formed tits and ass. She is bound up and harmd by guys who know how to constantly keep her cumming. Hina is not treated too roughly and appears to generally appreciate the extra attention. Although this film will mostly appeal to fans of the bondage genre, it is also well worth checking out for Hina alone because she is petite, juicy and HOT! [more..]


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 Hina Otsuka



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 Date Added

 September 28, 2007

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 June 11, 2012








 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 hardcore activities: rope play

 hardcore props: restraints

 breast related: breast squirting

 orgasm related: facial

 props: blindfold

 props: sex toys


 Highly Recommended



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Hina Otsuka

Scene 1:  Hina is naked and blindfolded and bound to a to a metal pole. She moans softly as a guy runs his fingers over her erect nipples and clit. He trains her to suck his finger and then sticks it into her pussy. He begins to run a small vibrator over her body and Hina starts to moan louder and grind her hips in anticipation. Another guy appears to double her pleasure with more vibrators. Eventually Hina gets really wet and we get a great view as fingers and vibrators are shoved deep into her tight little twat. Her blindfold is removed and we can see her pretty face contort as she is relentlessly brought to orgasm. A larger vibrator is ground into her clit and eventually four large vibrators are applied to her body. Rope is tied around her slim waist as a vibrator is firmly positioned against her cunt. She is fed some pills and left spread-eagled as the scene ends.


Scene 2:  In the next scene Hina is unbound and lying on a sheet. The two guys start playing with her tits and pussy and she lies back and dribbles and moans like a slut. Her pussy gets very wet and we finally get a good view of her magnificent ass. She begins to blow one of the guys while the other guy sticks his finger up her ass. Hina is begging for some cock and she is fucked hard from behind. She gets on top and her tits look great as she rides the guy's cock. Hina is continually pounded until the guys finally unload over her satisfied face.


Scene 3:  Hina is tied to an examination chair in readiness for her pussy to be thoroughly tested for sensitivity and fuckability. She gets the finger fuck treatment and even begins to leak milk (see picture four)! A white synthetic hand attachment continues the harm (picture five), which is a little bizarre. Hina is partially unbound and shows her gratitude by sucking on her harmr's nipples and cock. Hina squirts and gags uncontrollably as he shoves his cock deep down her throat. She spews up bucket loads of spittle over her perky tits as her bound hands are held firmly behind her head. She still manages to look grateful as she keeps sucking on his cock (what a trooper)! The guy finally rewards her by sticking his cock deep inside her cunt. She rides him and her pretty ass bounces wickedly up and down. The guy finally blows his load down her eager mouth to end the movie.


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