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 The Six Fucks

 with Serina Hayakawa




You have to watch this AV! It's so hot and and amazing. Serina is really hot and has a perfect body complete with skinny waiste, long slender legs, and large perky breasts. She is so hot that after reviewing one of her AVs yesterday I quickly reviewed this one today. This AV is so good, it has tons of fetishes to satisfy everyone including doctor, glasses, blindfolds, elegant babes, lingeries, threesomes and foursomes! You won't want to miss this one, I promise you! [more..]


 Video Title

 The Six Fucks


 Serina Hayakawa



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 October 16, 2007

 Date Updated

 June 21, 2011








 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 breast related: big breasts

 orgasm related: facial

 props: blindfold

 props: glasses(gankyou)

 costumes/apparel: doctor

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: office lady(oh-el)

 costumes/apparel: race queen(reesu kuiin)


 Highly Recommended



Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks
Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks Serina Hayakawa in The Six Fucks


Serina Hayakawa

Scene 1:  Serina is in a white dress and two men approach her. One man touches her boobs and begins kissing her while the other lifts up her dress and starts playing with her pussy through her underwear. The man takes off her bra and reveals her sexy tits. Damn they're so pink it makes you want to squeeze them badly. The camera closes up on her pussy as the man squeezes it. Wow the mosaics are so thin I can almost see everything. Now we get a close up of her asshole. She's so cute when she protests that she doesn't want her asshole to be shown but luckily the camera man decided not to listen to her and continued to show us her hot asshole. Then the man starts eating her pussy and Serina lets out some really sexy moans. She must be very delicious. She starts sucking the dick of the other guy. This threesome scene starts out fast and hot. The guy then fingers her really fast and Serina screams loudly. I've never heard anyone scream as sexy before. I love the way her pussy gurgles, it's so naughty. Each time the man sticks his finger into her pussy, her juice oozes out. It's so perverted it turns you on. Now it's Serina's time to suck dicks and suck dicks she did. She handles both of the dicks really well. She never stops moving her hands or her mouth, she's such an expert at dick sucking. There's just something really hot about a pretty girl with a cock in her mouth that turns people on, and in this case there's two cocks. After some really good cock sucking Serina lies down on the bed and one of the men puts his dick into her pussy. He starts fucking her slowly and increases his pace. It must feel so good inside this hot babe. He starts spooning her for a while and then switches to the doggy style. Her ass is so hot while she's being fucked from behind. Serina also sucks on a dick while she's being fucked from behind. I love the way she moans with a dick in her mouth, it's awesome. The two men then switch their roles. The second man is even more aggressive when it comes to fucking Serina. Wow she gets pounded so hard and fast it's so intense. They do it doggy style and cowgirl style. She gets banged so hard and loud it's absolutely awesome. The first man then comes back and finishes off by fucking her missionary style. The way her tits jiggle as she gets fucked is such a turn on. He comes all over her face and lets the second man fuck and come all over her mouth as well. I like how she licks his dick clean, what a good girl.


Scene 2:  Now Serina is in a car model get up. She looks so hot and slutty in this outfit. A man starts kissing her and unzips her shirt and starts rubbing her tits. It's amazing how she has such nice breasts while being so thin and has such a hot body. The guy plays with her pussy and seems to be enjoying himself, I would be too if I were playing with Serina's hot pussy. He starts fingering her while the camera catches all the action from the bottom, the angle of the camera is so well positioned. Serina then gets on all fours and sticks her ass in the air and wants it but the guy makes her suck his dick first and she does so obediently. She then lies on the bed and spreads her legs waiting to be fucked like a horny the. The guy teases her with his dick by rubbing it on his pussy before inserting it. This scene is such a turn on for race car model fetish lovers as she retains much of her uniform while being fucked. Her sexy boots are such a turn on as well as the hot vest that is unzipped to show her sexy tits. The guy fucks her from all sorts of positions including from the back and with her being on top. I love it when Serina is on top because you can hear her love juice gurgle in her pussy each time she gets fucked. The guy then fucks her really fast doggy style and comes all over her butt. She then sucks his dick clean. After that they talk for a few minutes, Serina speaks in such a cute way she'll make you fall in love with her very easily.


Scene 3:  Now Serina is wearing a doctor uniform complete with a pair of glasses. Glasses and uniform fetish lovers will be really happy as this scene will surely satisfy every bit of your desire. A guy comes rushing in and hugs Serina and then starts kissing her abruptly. I would probably do the same if Serina was in front of me with that sort of get up. The guy pulls down her shirt and reveals one of her breasts and starts sucking on it. I must say Serina is really cute in this scene combined with the glasses. She has such a cute innocent face yet she has such a hot and erotic body. The guy spreads her legs and we see that Serina has some really hot panties on. He pulls the panties aside to show the camera how hot her pussy is before he takes her panties off and start eating her. The guy fingers her really hard and Serina moans so hard and you can hear her pussy is very very wet. The guy pulls his hands out and it is completely soaked! Now Serina gets on her knees and start sucking on the guy's dick. I have to tell you, there is nothing like a hot doctor in glasses sucking on a dick! She sucks it so well she sucks the tip, and the base of the dick. Serina then gets up and grabs onto a chair for support and sticks her ass up in the air and the guy puts his dick inside her pussy. It slides in so smoothly and he starts humping her. I just love it when a doctor in high heels is getting fucked from behind. Serina gets on top of him and starts moving around on her own. She is such a horny slut! The guy finishes fucking her in missionary style and comes into her mouth. This is one of the hottest uniform sex scenes I've ever seen.


Scene 4:  Wow this time Serina is in a very hot lingerie: black bras, panties and stockings. I already know this scene will be awesome! Serina gets on top of a guy and lets the guy eat her pussy. She starts rubbing her wet pussy all over the guy's face. What a lucky guy. They then get into a 69 position and things get really hot really quick. She then gets on top of him and slowly places his penis into her pussy. Wow I would love to be that guy, getting service from such a hot babe. Serina grinds her pussy sexily on his crotch as she rides him. The naughty girl sure knows how to please herself. The guy decides that things aren't as fast as he'd like and starts humping her from the bottom. Serina lets out some really sexy screams as she gets fucked hard. The guy decides to get up and starts fucking her even harder, wow this is absolutely breath taking. The guy fucks her really good for a while and then eventually comes all over her stomach.


Scene 5:   Serina is now in a very cute white dress. She kisses the guy and the guy takes out a blindfold. He blindfolds her and starts playing around with her hot body. You can tell Serina seems to feel a bit scared as she twitches around when he touches her body. This just turns the viewer on even more. The guy then squeezes her panties together to block just the minimal parts without getting censored and you can almost see her entire pussy from the close up, it's so hot! He then fingers her and gets her to suck her dick as well. Something feels wrong about a blindfolded her sucking on your dick but you wouldn't care because she's so good at it and she's so fucking hot. The guy then lets her use her hand to direct the dick into her pussy. She fails the first few times and eventually gets it in. This sex scene is so erotic because Serina is blindfolded and doesn't know what to expect really and her uncertainty makes the sex scene so much hotter and makes her so much more sensitive. She moans really sexily and much louder than before. The guy finally takes off her blindfold as she gets up and fucks him on top. The way the guy pounds her from underneath makes her sexy ass jiggle in such a hot babe it's so irresistible. The guy then fucks her really fast in the missionary position. I've never seen tits jiggle so fast before it's crazy! The guy then comes all over her face, wow what a satisfying way to end such a hot scene.


Scene 6:  Serina is now in a white lingerie get up and there are three guys in the scene. They scaat no time and starts touching her and kissing her all over the face. Wow there's so much going on on the screen I don't know where to look! They quickly strip her and two guys lifts her up in the air so now she's suspended in the air while one guy plays around with her pussy. Serina seems to be feeling very good as so many guys are playing with her body at once. The three guys then each insert one finger into her pussy and this drives Serina completely crazy! So hot! After this amazing fingering scene Serina then sucks on a lot of dicks. Just when you think it will be a long boring scene of just blowjobs one guy quickly gets her to lie down and starts fucking her! Wow this is simply amazing, they're not giving Serina any time to scaat and the viewers anytime to pause as well! Serina's hands are never idle as she jerks off the other two guys while her pussy is filled with a hot cock humping her fast and hard. They then get her to lean on her sides and spread her legs facing the camera as the guy continues to fuck her. Now she gets on all fours and sticks her ass in the air and gets fucked doggy style. She also sucks a dick while she gets fucked from behind, this is so hot. Her moans become so sexy when her mouth is filled by a cock. The guy then fucks her so fast that it's hard for her to keep up sucking on other cocks. The three guys take turn fucking her so when one man comes close to coming, they switch so there's continued fucking throughout. She now gets on top of the guy and gets fucked bouncing up and down while she has to keep switching to the two dicks that are on either side of her. She really knows how to please 3 dicks at once. A close up of her pussy being fucked reveals that her pussy is so wet it is unbelievable! The guy then comes all over her face and the next man quickly fills the empty pussy with his dick. There is literally no time to rest! The guy then fucks her in all sorts of different positions than the other guy that fucked her. This man is also much stronger and more aggressive and he drives Serina even crazier than the first guy. He comes all over her face as well and ends this satisfying foursome.


Reviewed by  d21221hk



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