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 BakoBako Service Double Team

 with Megumi HarukaChina Miyu




One GREAT Movie NOT to be missed. We have not one but two gorgeous beauties with angelic faces and bods to die for. You get to enjoy viewing two sets of great boobs. To top it all, how about several great threesome scenes featuring both babes in it.... Although the threesome scenes are kind of repetitive .... but hey... you will never get enough of these two hot chicks... [more..]


 Video Title

 BakoBako Service Double Team


 Megumi Haruka

 China Miyu



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 January 2, 2008

 Date Updated

 June 21, 2011








 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: lesbianism(rezubian)

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 type of sex: threesome, ffm

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: foot play(ashifechi)

 activities: pussy eating

 activities: titty fucking(paizuri)

 hardcore props: restraints

 breast related: big breasts

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm play

 props: blindfold

 props: glasses(gankyou)

 props: leash

 props: oil and jelly

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: pov

 girl type: dominatrix

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: maid(meido)

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)

 costumes/apparel: teacher(sensei)


 Highly Recommended



Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team
Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team Megumi Haruka in BakoBako Service Double Team


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Megumi Haruka

China Miyu

Scene 1:  The movie starts with both Haruka and Miyu dressed as maids... Throughout this scene the guy plays the role of the master and simply lays back on a couch and gets serviced by two gorgeous babes. Every man's dream..... The action begins with both gals taking turns frenching him. The gals proceed to give him an intense nipple sucking session, the focus eventually is on his hard dick. Very hot and extensive tongue action by both gals together. They start alternating between his nipples and his dick. Eventually they jerk him off together with him blowing his load all over their hands.


Scene 2:  Another threesome scene. Both gals and the guy are in their birthday suit on an inflatable mattress. They start to pour lubricant all over the guy and themselves before proceeding to one of the most sensual full body massage session you will ever come across. Constantly rubbing their well lubricated bodies all over him and painting him at the same time. Both gals then start rubbing their pussies along the length of his legs. After which they give him a foot massage with their breasts. They turn him around and pretty much like the earlier scene, both gals start to alternate between his nipples and dick, giving him a very thorough lick down. Miyu proceeds to mount him while Haruka zooms in on his nipples. Then both gals switch positions with Haruka cumming while riding him. The guy now enters Miyu from behind with Haruka behind him carressing him all over. Next we have the guy screwing Haruka in missionary and Miyu is the one now doing the carressing from the back. The guy eventually cums and shoots his load all over Haruka's pussy.


Scene 3:  Both gals are dressed as schoolgirls on a train. A pervert soon comes from behind and starts touching Miyu's privates and stripping her in the process. She tries in vain to ward him off. After getting enough of Miyu, he proceeds to fondle Haruka with an identical approach as before, touching her ass, boobs while stripping her. He starts groping both gals together now... All of a sudden both gals decide enough is enough and turn the tables on the pervert.. He is the one getting fondled now. The gals starts toying with his cock and balls. They push him on his back, totally dominating him now. They start to blow him good and giving his ass a good painting in the process. The gals then jerk him off together pretty much like how scene 1 ended.


Scene 4:  This is a solo scene featuring Haruka. She looks damn HOT in this one..... She comes into a guy's room and starts to initiate the action. She strips him and starts painting him all over focusing on his nipples and cock. She starts stripping down herself, freeing her beautiful breasts from their confines and proceeds to breast fuck the guy. Now she allows the guy to explore the marvels of her beautiful body. Starting with her breasts, he moves down to her pussy. Haruka is one gal who gets wet and excited very quickly. It does not take much for her to start getting high and moaning her heart out.... SEXY!!!! The fucking begins in missionary with Haruka moaning sexily for the whole time. They then switch to Haruka on top, riding till her hearts content while the guy is happily squeezing her big boobs. Haruka then initiates doggie style... The guy pounds away from behind till she cums. He finishes off in missionary position shooting his load all over Haruka's pretty face....


Scene 5:  Both Haruka and Miyu anxiously strips off the guy's pants followed by his boxer. Miyu urges the guy to pleasure himself while both gals looks lovingly at his dick. the gals soon become bored and disappointed by his inability to get erect. The gals starts to masterbate themselves in front of the guy, caressing their beautiful boobs and pussies with the help of a dildo. Does not take too long before both gals start climaxing. The guy soon walks over and both Haruka and Miyu start to give him a handjob together, it must feel DAMN gooooood as he cums within a minute, unloading on both their angelic faces.


Scene 6:  This is a solo scene featuring Miyu in a sexy black lingerie. It starts off with some serious frenching. The guy soon frees Miyu's glorious breasts and start feasting on them. He quickly moves down south and starts pleasuring her with his hands till she gets real wet, she climaxes soon after. I must say her moaning is DAMN SEXY. Time for Miyu to return the favour, she gives him one heck of a blow job. After a brief 69 session, the sex begins with doggie, followed by Miyu riding him and it ends in missionary with the guy cumming on Miyu's beautiful face.


Scene 7:  One very lucky guy who gets serviced by both gorgeous babes. The guy is strapped to a bed in only his boxersand blindfolded, the babes start walking into the room, drop dead SEXY in their bras and panties. They start giving the guy a paint job with Haruka and Miyu alternating between his nipples and his very hard cock. Both gals soon grant the guy full access to their gorgeous boobs. What a sight to behold, both ladies have boobs to die for. The boxer soon comes off and again both gals alternate between blowing him and sucking his nipples while ensuring a breast is always stuffed to his face. Both girls now take turns to ride the guy's face, very SEXY moaning from both ladies. Haruka starts rubbing the guy's dick between her ass while Miyu is riding his face. They soon switch position with Haruka now riding his face and Miyu rubbing her pussy on his dick, gradually increasing her tempo till the guy releases his load all over his own stomach.


Scene 8:  Final scene features a foursome. both girls looking hot as ever in their evening gowns. The guys are sitted on a couch, the action soon begins with the gals frenching their respective partners. They soon move south to suck the guys' nipples and great blowjobs follow. Both gals then proceed to use their prized assets to breast fuck the lucky guys. The gals go back to blowing their partners but this time with the guys also returning the favour with their hands. Now its the ladies turn to be pleasured. I must say either Haruka's male partner is more soffed or she is far more responsive than Miyu as Haruka is the one moaning throughout, she really cum big time as you can see her squirting and shivering uncontrollably at the end. The fucking begins, starting with Haruka in doggie and Miyu in missionary. Both gals then switch to cowgirl at the same time. GREAT SCENE with their boobs bouncing like crazy!! Both guys finish off in missionary with the gals getting a full load of cum on their faces to end this scene.


Reviewed by  miketan



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