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 Max Girls Ecstasy

 with Akane NagaseTakako KitaharaNao YoshizakiSarasa Hara




8 different girls appear in this video, all with fine bodies and who bring something different to the table. 6 sex scenes and 2 masturbation scenes make this a happy little jaunt. [more..]


 Video Title

 Max Girls Ecstasy


 Akane Nagase

 Takako Kitahara

 Nao Yoshizaki

 Sarasa Hara



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 March 18, 2008

 Date Updated

 June 20, 2012








 type of sex: exhibitionism and voyeurism

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 type of sex: public sex

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 hardcore props: restraints

 breast related: big breasts

 orgasm related: breast cumshot

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: doctor

 costumes/apparel: exercise

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: maid(meido)

 costumes/apparel: office lady(oh-el)

 costumes/apparel: swimsuit(mizugi)


 Highly Recommended



Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy
Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy Akane Nagase in Max Girls Ecstasy


Akane Nagase

Takako Kitahara

Nao Yoshizaki

Sarasa Hara

Scene 1:  1) Akane Nagase - Akane is in a 2 piece that hides nothing. After a short striptease, we see her in the same 2 piece crawling up to a naked dude, and with the biggest smile on her face, proceeds to suck him off with much aplomb. The guy then sucks her nipples and then spread-eagles her and fucks her RIGHT THERE on the narrow corridor, while repeatedly going for her tits. She's really turned on AND pleasured by the fucking, which culminates in a cumshot on her tits and the most beautiful of smiles. Great stuff.


Scene 2:  2) Takako Kitahara - We join Takako as she sits on a bed, and after a short conversation with the cameraman, she removes her bottom and puts a vibrator to her pussy. She then gets handed a curved dildo thing which gets her more turned on, then another vibrator which seems to excite her even more. She looks beautiful turned on, and the scene ends with her face flushed with pleasure and slight embarrassment. The only lack here was that she didn't get rammed. :(


Scene 3:  3) Nao Yoshizaki - Nao is in a dark hotel room dressed in a tanktop, daisy dukes and boots; as a man caresses her following the short introduction. They make out tenderly, as Nao strips to reveal her fine body. She starts off a little uncomfortable but this gives way to her pleasure, and she really ups the ante with some sweet moaning as she gets fingered hard in her pussy. After a short blowjob, they fuck all over the couch till he comes on her chest. Not a bad scene but Nao doesn't seem to really get into the sex which is a slight dampener - but as I did, concentrate on her body.


Scene 4:  4) Kiyomijun - Damn she's cute, even with the awkwardly jutting bug teeth. We join her in a hospital ward dressed like a doctor, as her 'patient' is all over her. The dude rips apart her pantyhose and bra (the latter which amuses her) and begins working on her - and it's really cute how she enjoys the whole experience, smiling and sighing and looking damn cute. After a bit of 69, they begin fucking and she looks and sounds like she's enjoying it, even though she's not much of a squealer. The dude ends by coming on her tits, and the closing shot has her looking really cute. I was pleasantly surprised.


Scene 5:  A hilarious screen which tells you to 'take a break' appears, upon which the 4 girls on the cover appear to be in a photoshoot by the pool. Lighthearted, cute, fun - and the girls aren't half bad.


Scene 6:  5) Rina Koizumi - Rina is in a room in a PE shirt and yellow shorts, talking to a guy. They do some fakey exercises and he begins rubbing her up, which seems to pleasure her. They make out for a bit before he works on her pussy - and she really just seems so pleased, moaning softly and happily. She then blows him, after which they start fucking. Again, more soft and pleased moaning from Rina as they make love - which is a nice change from the usual 'girl dying from orgasm' style you usually see in AV. He ends off with a cumshot on her face and the scene ends with her looking a bit exhausted.


Scene 7:  6) Sarasa Hara - First thought: Nice legs! We join Sarasa as she makes out with a guy, who quickly goes to work on her body and gets her down to her panties. She's got a sensitive pussy - the guy's first touch and she's moaning and sighing away. The guy fingers her till she's wet and squelching, and she returns the favor by blowing him - she looks a little uncomfortable with the licking and blowing. But she's a whole different the when it comes to fucking, going crazy and moaning with unmitigated pleasure as she gets rammed in all positions by the guy. The guy ends with a cumshot on her belly.


Scene 8:  7) Miho Hashimoto - We jump right into the action without an intro, as Miho sits in a bathtub in a suit that exposes her tits. A guy puts a vibrator to her tits and pussy, which gets her moaning quickly. They then use a slightly bigger vibrator, and then give her a huge dildo for her to work herself. She works till she gets really turned on, and we end with her looking pleased and a little shy.


Scene 9:  8) Rio - Rio is outdoors (looks like ruins by the sea) in a bikini when a guy joins her. They make out and the guy's hands are quickly all over and into her, working her tits and pussy with ease till she's screaming away with passion. She then blows him before he proceeds to fuck her right there and then - and she is a screamer - till he comes into her mouth, which she sucks up with pure joy.


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