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 Gal Teacher Sexual Class

 with Rio Kitajima




School has never been so good. Rio Kitajima is incredible in this action packed video! Whether its teasing, felatio, or sex, she looks great throughout. There is something for everyone here including POV, blow jobs galore, sex, spermfest, leg fetish, foot job action, and masturbation. Great camera work, a girl who really enjoys herself, and sexy outfits make this a movie you won't want to miss! [more..]


 Video Title

 Gal Teacher Sexual Class


 Rio Kitajima


 idea pocket

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 Date Added

 January 11, 2017

 Date Updated

 July 13, 2011








 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: foot play(ashifechi)

 orgasm related: facial

 props: oil and jelly

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: office lady(oh-el)

 costumes/apparel: teacher(sensei)



Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class
Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class Rio Kitajima in Gal Teacher Sexual Class


Rio Kitajima

Scene 1:  The movie begins with Rio entering a classroom as a tutor. She is wearing a super sexy dress with stockings and boots. As she sits down and crosses her legs we can't help but notice how beautiful she is. Rio realizes what motivates us and is willing to do whatever it takes to help motivate us. She teases a bit showing off her beautiful body. Then unbuttoning the student's shirt she provides a preview of her oral ability by sucking on his fingers. Working her way from his chest all the way down, she gives a blowjob that is absolutely perfect until at last he cums in her mouth and all over her hand.


Scene 2:  Rio enters wearing black thigh high stockings, high heals, black shorts, and a white blouse. This time she is trying to get a man to change into his gym shorts. The ever helpful Rio is ready to lend a hand. She sits in front of our reluctant student, her silky things looking fantastic. Rio takes his hands and guides them all over her body. She slips off her shorts revealing sexy panties. She takes them off and sucks his fingers to make them wet so she can have him rub her clit and work his fingers into her vagina. Her thighs look great her and he strokes in and out. She takes off his pants and the camera shifts to POV mode, all the better so that we can enjoy the action. She teases the tip with her tough and then sucks in deep hard strokes. Rio positions herself on top and places him inside her. She alternates from pumping to grinding both done exceedingly well. She lays on her back and he works it while she looks into the camera with such a sultry look you'll be very, very turned on. He pumps faster and faster until he cums on her stomach. She rubs the cum with her fingers, then she brings her fingers to her mouth for a taste.


Scene 3:  In a room with a line of men, Rio is sitting on a chair wearing the same sexy outfit as the last scene. She stands up and instructs the men to remove their pants, unsurprisingly they oblige. Now we're in POV mode and she is knelt in front of one of the men. She utilizes her exceptional felatio technique to perfection. The look in her eyes alone is almost enough to make a person cum and eventually he does, shooting his load in her mouth. Taking a moment to unbutton her blouse to expose her breasts she then proceeds to her second volunteer. We are treated to a perfect view of her thighs, stockings, and body while she strokes him. She starts with his balls, then the camera shifts to a POV perspective. It isn't long before he cums, shooting his load all over her hair and face. Next up is a third man who she begins immediately to service. Within moments he cums all over her mouth. The next man is up and she sucks him hard with all the enthusiasm and vigor she had from the beginning. He also cums quickly all over her mouth. The last man's turn is up and she sucks him until he cums first in her mouth then all over her lips. Wow, what a scene! This is spermfest action at its finest.


Scene 4:  Wearing a sexy outfit including white thigh high stockings, white high heels, and the gray dress and white blouse from scene 1, Rio appears to be trying to figure out what she can do to be helpful. She places her long sexy log up on a chair so we can appreciate her thighs. She sits down, removes a show, and rubs his crotch with her foot. This gives us a view of her legs that is perfection. The man removes his pants and she rubs him more with her foot. After he removes his underwear she plays with him, dribbles for lubrication, and gives a fantastic footjob now with both feed involved. She opens her blouse showing that she is not wearing a bra, her exposed breasts peaking out just right. She proceeds to rub him with her hands now using saliva to make it wet. She strokes him until he cums all over his stomach. She rubs the cum with her foot.


Scene 5:  Rio sees a man cleaning up the floor and of course she is obliged to motivate him. She is wearing a sexy black leather skirt, with black pantyhose, boots, and a white blouse. She sits right in front of him to take off her boots. She places a washcloth in a bucket of water and wets herself down with it, drenching her blouse. Luckily for us she has chosen not to wear a bra so her nipples show through. She then takes a mop soaking in goo and rubs it all over her body making it glisten. She removes her pantyhose and then plays with the goo, rubbing herself between her legs with her wet hands. She takes one of the mans hands and guides him to rub her breasts and play with her clit and insert his finger inside of her until she cums.


Scene 6:  Wearing a bikini, Rio comes into a room and pours goo all over her chest. She rubs her lubricated body all over him until his is hard. She removes his underwear and begins sucking on his balls. She then licks his penis up and down and finally, after so much teasing, places it in her mouth. She looks great, sucking and licking on him. She gets on all fours and he removes her bikini bottom. He enters her from behind and pumps her. Now its Rio's turn to get on top, so we're in for a treat. She pumps and grinds. Rio is on her back and the man is pumping her until he cums all over her face.


Scene 7:  Rio changes for us putting on a Speedo bathing suit careful to put back her sexy belt on and keep her boots and stockings on. She then rubs goo all over herself. She takes a vibrator and begins sucking on it and pounding herself with it. She then takes out a vibrator and works her clit with it until she cums. Farewell Rio Kitajima, we look forward to seeing you again!


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